The Slatwall Revival


Slatwall panels remain ubiquitous in shops around the country. The simplicity and robustness of design has ensured their continued use over many years. In addition to being a non-intrusive and reliable form of display, they create great potential shelving options from previously unused vertical space. Not only do they improve your choices for store arrangement and design but they do so in an incredibly efficient way. Those who need to rotate stock or adjust their displays frequently find them essential, which is why they are commonplace in charity shops whose basic stock is everchanging and requires versatile showcasing.

It is understandable to consider slatwall panels a relic of such places. For many years they seemed to be found most often in small stores with their common plain white design. However, this is no longer the case. Slatwall panels are having a revival, one that is seeing their usefulness adopted outside of shop displays. From home garages to art exhibitions, they are being mounted in many surprising places.

There are many reasons for this. Often, it is their low cost, especially when considering their potential uses. Many new businesses, those looking to meet tight budgets or working with small spaces, are looking for suitable and affordable shelving options. Art exhibitions are a prime example. Whether a temporary show or a regular display, slatwall panels can be spotted in more cultural locations. Not only do the low costs of slatwall appeal to exhibitions but the simplicity of their installation and the ease of adjusting mounted work means that they are perfect for small teams or individuals setting up their own space.

Another advantage is the slatwall panel’s ability to utilise the space of a vertical surface, alleviating the pressure of storing items elsewhere. This is a necessity for cafes. Many modern espresso bars, which are known to pop up in wonderfully compact spaces in a city, are already making use of slatwall. It allows them to display their products and hang their cups without the installation of permanent or imposing shelves. There is a great return on the low cost of slatwall in such a scenario and it supports a tidier central space, which for a busy coffee shop is invaluable.

Previously, when only available in MDF and PVC designs, many businesses and individuals may not have seen slatwall as a viable option. However, in recent years, the design profiles of panels and their accessories have become much more varied. Now you can find concrete or mirrored finishes for panels, among a wide selection of colours too. Whether you are looking for a bold design choice or hoping to keep your store furniture as discrete as possible, now there are options. Other developments, such as the aluminium insert, not only add greater strength and security to the panels, increasing their longevity, but they fit the aesthetic and safety requirements of an industrial setting. Many garages, both professional and personal, are installing slatwall panels as a way to mount their tools. The grooves can support a variety of weights while also allowing tools to be quickly unmounted.

Each of these reasons contributes to their latest surge in demand and it is likely that we will see slatwall panels continue to gain popularity in the future.


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