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If you are a hardcore Telugu cinema fan, we have the best streaming service available for you. AHA is a popular OTT app that gives you access to a diverse collection of Telugu movies and series. The Telugu industry receives unparalleled appreciation throughout the country for its humorous plots and natural actors. Telugu movies have had a colossal fan base for long now. Telugu directors and producers continually look for dynamic storylines with commercial elements to amass greater audience viewership. The south-Indian cinema industry has a lot of interesting productions that have led to the creation of dubbed content. The demand for these movies keeps on increasing every year. Regional contents have surfaced up in the recent past with the introduction of local OTT platforms. With apps like AHA, the fan base of Telugu movies has spread out to much farther parts of India, including Telangana. Streaming new Telugu movies can get tough with a lack of available sites. Check out AHA for Indian movies online and make your streaming process way more fun.

Raghavan – A Kamal Haasan-starrer!

Raghavan is a 2007 thriller directed by Gautham Menon. Celebrated actor, Kamal Hassan plays the lead role of a top officer from the Tamil Nadu Police Department. Gautham is famous among the Telugu audience for his cop movies. With Raghavan, he has hit the peak.

Stylish and engrossing, the movie deals with themes of societal evils. The characters of Raghavan and Anand Raj are raw and appealing. Thoroughly entertaining, the film strikes a chord with its beautiful soundtracks. Raghavan has a gripping plot and a lot of gore and murder. Despite being a routine cop drama, it is unbeatable in terms of cinematography and editing.

The original Raghavan movie was made in Tamil and caused a stir among the south-Indian audience. Raghavan is your everyday cop investigation movie but with an edge, depth, and beautiful setting. The story evokes feelings of concern, sympathy, sadness, and joy. All in all, it lets mixed emotions get the best of you. Raghavan is a gripping tale of fighting crime and seeking revenge. For a thrill-seeker, Raghavan is a must-watch.

AHA – A grand deal for movie buffs

OTT platforms have become a favorite among the global audience with easy accessibility and availability of movies. The audience is super happy with options to choose from a range of international, national, and regional content. OTT platforms have also made it possible for movie releases in the pandemic. With multiplexes refusing to screen new movies, OTT platforms have surfaced up with updated content every while. New movies are increasingly shifting to OTT premiering for greater audience interaction. AHA is your local platform providing access to exclusive Telugu stories. AHA has made searching for Telugu hits way convenient. Have you been swapping across apps trying to find your favorite Telugu thriller? You may stop fussing as AHA gets you the best entertaining shows at a user-friendly rate of 299. Isn’t it quite a deal? Sure, it is. Stream Telugu Best movies on AHA today and enjoy!

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