Seven Tips to plan your Mumbai-Goa Trip smartly


Goa is the perennial favourite vacation destination of Indians. People come to spend time on the beautiful beaches, sip drinks, party and relax. The scenic beauty and the water sports attract nature lovers and daredevils from all over the world.

For people living in Mumbai, visiting Goa is easy and time-saving with the availability of flight services from GoAirThe distance from Mumbai to Goa is not much, which makes it a perfect vacation destination for people living in Mumbai.

Despite being a short distance journey, there are certain things that you should always plan to have a memorable holiday. This article will help you plan your Mumbai to Goa trip efficiently.

  1. Gather all the essentials

The first thing you need to do is gather all the essential items for the journey. This includes the sunscreen, summer wear clothing, and footwear to have a comfortable beach time in Goa.

  1. Get maps of the necessary locations

Goa offers a big geographical region to explore. However, you can only cover the best locations if you have planned the travel itinerary in advance. Hence, you should get the maps and the names of the locations and plan your trip according to your vacation needs.

  1. Book the accommodation in advance

In the peak and popular seasons, the hotels and resorts are booked very fast. Hence, it would be wise to book your rooms in advance even before reaching the destination. You can pick a hotel at a favourable location and compare prices to get the best deals. This helps in saving time and money along with the struggle of finding the needed accommodation.

  1. Learn about the transport facilities

In Goa, you mostly require your own vehicle in order to go from one location to the other. Hence, renting a vehicle is advisable. Hence, make sure you keep your driving license and identity with yourself. These documents are needed at the time of renting a vehicle.

  1. Carry your mobile phones safely

Your mobile phones are extremely important to stay connected with the world all the time. However, it is important to ensure the safety and protection of your phone. You are going to spend a lot of time near water. So, keep the mobile phones in sealed bags to prevent any water-damage.

  1. Sleep properly

Before you start your journey, make sure you get proper sleep. A proper sleep on the previous night of the journey will allow you to stay active. This way, you can start your activities immediately after reaching the destination.

  1. Ensure your safety and respect the culture

It is your responsibility to keep yourself safe and respect the culture of the place you will be visiting. For that, you can research on Goa’s culture before reaching. For your safety, make sure you carry a first-aid kit along with the medicines that are essential for you.

Get started today!

Keep these handy tips in mind, book your seat on one of the many Mumbai Goa flights, and experience Goa – a destination like no other in India.


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