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Rummy is a very interesting card game. It requires two decks of cards and a total of two jokers. To win a game of rummy, a player will have to make a valid declaration. This can be done by discarding or picking up cards from the two given piles. One of them is a closed deck and the other is an open deck. A player cannot see the card that he is picking up from the closed deck while the other deck consists of cards formed from discarded cards. The only way a player can win a game of rummy is by grouping their cards in proper combination.

What is the objective of the Rummy Game?

The main objective of the Rummy Game is to combine the 13 cards into valid sequences or sets. To win a game, a player needs to make at least two sequences. One of the sequences will be pure while the other can be any other valid sequence.

What are some of the important Rummy Game Rules?


There are several rules that one must follow while playing Rummy. These rules will not only help you to play better but also increase your chances of winning more games. At times these rules can also help you to get disciplined at work too. The various rules of Rummy are:

In the beginning, everyone is dealt with a certain number of cards. The player who is sitting to the left of the dealer gets to play first. The player can either take up a card from the discard pile or the topmost card from his stock. After his turn is over, the next player deals with his card. This rule is not only essential in a rummy game but also in life as it will teach you to observe and wait for your turn

The last card that was discarded, by the previous player or the topmost card on the deck, can be picked up by the next player. The player can then meld all or some of his cards in a particular combination. The game continues clockwise.

Wild cards like The Joker are often used in a Rummy Game. You can substitute the wild card for any card that you need to make your sequence. If you discard a wild card, another player can use it in their sequence as some other card. However, if you are using a wild card, don’t put it down immediately as it gives your opponent a chance to use it.

Being observant is very important in a rummy game. You not only need to keep track of your own cards but also of your opponents. The gameplay is attentive enough and pays attention to your opponent’s moves, and also increases your chances of winning a game. This rule will teach you how to pay attention to small details. This will make you more disciplined in your life.


Knowing all the rummy game rules can improve your gameplay and strategy. It can also help you to perform well in your work-life and make you disciplined enough to lead a meaningful life which can balance your work and life and scale your intelligence in the long run.

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