Reasons for Using Anavar for Athletes and Bulkers


There are a number of supplements that are available in the market worldwide for athletes and body builders. These supplements help the bulkers in both bulking and cutting cycles. Both bulking and cutting cycles are opposite to each other. While bulking cycles are mainly for improving the muscle mass, cutting cycles are for leaning the muscle mass.  Since supplements are not the natural means of producing cutting and bulking cycles, it is often considered as illegal and risky. However not all the supplements are illegal to use. Some supplements like Anavar are legal ones which produce effective results.

Lipid and Liver Protection

There are many people who still don’t have the idea on the real usage of Anavar. Anavar is mainly used for liver protection and liver protection. Since Anavar is considered the safest oral steroid in the market, it is preferred by both male and female athletes. Since Anavar is a 17 Alpha Alkylated steroid, it is used for the treatment of liver related diseases. Upon usage of 8 – 10 weeks, Anavar proves to be the best supplement for liver treatment. It also helps in flushing out the toxins out of the system. Another advantage of Anavar is the lipid protection it gives to the body. Lipids are known to be the set of biological molecules which contain fats, oils and store energy. Decreased amount of lipid proves to have many side effects and diseases. Lipids in common are known as fats. This helps in providing energy and producing hormones in the body. Though Anavar is not going to kill the cholesterol level to 0%, it helps in absorbing the fat and decreasing the level of cholesterol level in the body.

Anavar for Fat Reduction

Anavar being an anabolic steroid contains less androgenic effects. This supplement helps in increasing strength at the same time retains muscle mass and keeps oneself lean. This immense property helps in promoting nitrogen retention. It also acts as a boost for athletes. Nitrogen retention is important for cutting cycles. Anavar helps in burning fat in the body which eliminates extra fat in the body. There are two types of fat that are present in human beings. One is Visceral which helps in storing fat around the organs. Other is the Subcutaneous fat which lies beneath the skin. Anavar acts as an excellent supplement for controlling these fats in the body.

Anavar for Women

It is known that Anavar is safe to be used by women. Though Anavar is considered the safest oral steroid, it should be carefully used by women. In general, a dosage of 10-20 mg is fine for the women to consume it. Initially, women can start with a dosage of 10 mg per day and later it can be increased gradually. The common cycle of Anavar for women is 6 weeks. When skipping this limit, there occur side effects in women such as deepening of vocal chords, body hair growth, and structural changes. Another dangerous side effect is infertility in women. Hence, one has to be careful while using Anavar for cutting cycles.

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