Phendimetrazine – One of the Best Stimulant Drug for Weight Loss


Whenever it comes to the obesity, we become crazy to curb it ASAP. Nobody loves to be fat. That’s a true statement. Sometimes, for somebody, exercises and yoga help to slim down. But, at times, it doesn’t work too. Then comes the synthetic yet reliable modes to regain the desirable figure. Having a good weight is just not to look good but also has importance to be healthy. Here comes the Phendimetrazine, with a lot of trade names, it is a stimulant drug which works as an appetite suppressant. It works as anti-obesity drugs in offering a faster and proven way of losing weight by suppressing the impulses to the brain cells which creates the cravings for food. It is a prescription only drug as it is a serious drug for short term use along with a planned diet and a good amount of exercise. This certainly helps to lose the weight.

It contains a pharmacology to an amphetamine used in medicines to cure nasal congestion and depression. Amphetamines are the performance regulators in athletics or sports to enhance cognitive, memory and motivation functions. There is similar kind of drug named Phentermine which should be taken with the Phendimetrazine dosage. Mixing them might turn out to be fatal as it has the potential for negative effects.

Phendimetrazine is classified under the United Nations’ Convention on Psychotropic Substances. It has a powerful effect on the central nervous system. It stops sending the impulses to the brains to stop the sensation of hunger. Seeing the structure of the drug, it is designed to provide a more sustained release dosage via an added extra methyl group which significantly increases its potency and bioavailability., or a hydrocarbon group, to the making up of amphetamine which alters its absorption and strength in the human body. It activates in intervals in a steady stream rather than immediately absorbed all at once. This steady flow helps to lessen the chances of misuse of the drug allowing better-balanced administration. Acting as a prodrug, it is a medicine which is in a dormant state until it is metabolized to turn into an active form. Hence, the chance of regaining weight after stoppage of uses becomes low and you be in the win-win condition. But, whatever may be the dosage, when it is added up with the exercise it’s the best.

This drug is advised to take once in a day. It is prescribed by doctors that the people with body mass index(BMI) of 27 might be allowed to opt for this option after checking the medical history such as diabetes, hypertension or history related to problems in losing weight. There are some serious negative side effects of phendimetrazine are the following: excessive heart rates, chest pain, insomnia, headaches, vomiting, dry mouth, constipation, problems urinating, rash and fatigue.

Hence, the side effects might scare you at first but they don’t have any serious complications as such. Before choosing any path, we need to check everything which might turn into fatal for us. And the best possible way is to get Phendimetrazine prescribed by the doctor.

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