Gain Muscle Mass with Puncture Vine Fruits


Sports nutrition is very important for bodybuilding and nutrition. A lot of athletes require supplements which help in muscle mass building; toning and metabolism. One such supplement is Met-RX Tribulus 750-90. These capsules are derived from a plant Tribulus Terrestris and are better known as Tribulus 750 capsules.

The plant Tribulus Terrestris may even be growing in your yard or any vacant lot and you may not have realized it. It is like a weed and grows close to the ground. It has thorny fruits, which resemble a round pea. They are very hard when dried. These fruits are used to process and further standardized to form the ingredient of Tribulus 750 capsules. Better known as the Puncture Vine, the fruits tend to hurt sharply and can puncture your bicycle tire if you run the cycle over it. The fruits have been used as an extract for Ayurvedic and Chinese medicines for years. They are known to act as libido enhancers and for improving sexual prowess and correcting erectile dysfunction as well. In sports, it is used as a part of stacks for muscle building. It is also used to support the immune system.


It contains 750 mg of the fruit of puncture vine. It contains 40% saponin. Saponins help improve the immune system. Saponins are a chemical compound which affects blood and blood compounds. They also protect against bacterial and viral diseases.

The ingredients found in these capsules include flavonoids, saponins, alkaloids, and glycosides. It is a very popular supplement among all sports persons, esp. athletes. The ingredients improve the functioning of the entire organ system. They provide cardiovascular support. They are good for the heart as they reduce high blood pressure. They reduce the bad cholesterol and improve circulation. They act as a relief for body pain.

Does it increase testosterone?

Lab tests on small animals indicate that testosterone increases. However, for humans, it needs other herbal supplements and mixes. So, it is doubtful whether there is any change in testosterone levels.


Recommended dosages include taking one or two capsules twice a day. These are best taken with meal times as they are absorbed faster at this time. The best option is to start with the lowest possible dosage. If the capsule does not suit you, consult a doctor. Sports and nutritional supplements are best taken only under medical supervision. Or consult a nutritionist who is qualified to support sportspersons. The medicine is not recommended for those under 18 years of age. Also, pregnant or nursing women should not take the medicine.

Side Effects

These depend on your age, weight, lifestyle and overall physique. It is highly recommended that the medicine should not be taken for more than eight weeks. It is considered as unsafe or dangerous after that. Apart from that, it may have side-effects similar to testosterone enhancers, however milder than others.


It can be easily purchased at a nutritional goods store. It is also available at pharmacies like Walgreens and GMC or at the local Walmart pharmacy.

If you choose to purchase it online, buy it only from good websites to get the authentic product. Shopping sites, like Amazon, Alibaba, eBay and others also stock and sell it.

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