Non-invasive fat meting therapy


There are two main reasons for overweight; one is too food but not adequate exercise and the second one is because of the in-built health issues including age-related lower metabolism, thyroid, liver or adrenal issues, and hormonal issues. Light Therapy can be effective in fat reduction for almost everyone. One of the newest technologies in this category is Lipo Melt that uses the LED light therapy to cause the fat to leave the fat cells out of the body. This is a simple and safe alternative to liposuction. There is no downtime and no side effects.

It is effective for men as well as women. This method can be used in every area of the body but not meant for breast reduction. This treatment is non-invasive and it does not result in any scarring or bruising. Clients can notice inch reduction in the very first session and the best results can be achieved with several sessions within a few weeks. Every session must be followed by a minimum ten minutes of physical exercise for stimulating circulation and helping to burn fat, which has been released.

Benefits of Lip Melt

There are several advantages of a non-invasive treatment procedure against the invasive process including instant results, no pain. No possible risk of infection, price advantages, lesser recovery period, no body damage, etc. Lipo Melt is approved by the FDA and it is a cold laser therapy. This technology has been used safely in many other medical treatments such as pain treatment, neurological problems, and treatment of scar tissue.

Standard treatment duration

The standard duration of the treatment is 9 to 18 sessions, three times a week for 3 to 6 weeks. Three treatments are performed in a week so that the fatty acid levels in the blood stabilize after every treatment. Further treatments can be done after a break of 2 weeks. This break is given so that the body returns to the normal mode. This also helps the clinics to know whether the patient is making necessary changes to his lifestyle and diet that is required for maintaining the results that the treatment gives them. If the patient gains weight again after the break of two weeks, then further advice and consultation are needed to make the treatment beneficial. However, during post-treatment, it is important for the patients to take a healthy liver support diet, and milk thistle should be taken while undergoing the treatment.


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