New Chevrolet Beat vs. Used Chevrolet Beat


Chevrolet Beat is one of the best vehicles ever engineered by this brand. The sporty and trendy exteriors are just a distraction from the beast of an engine. Beat is beautiful and powerful and it has everything a person could need from his or her car. This vehicle has had some time in the market, so you can get both used and new models. For people who are wondering which of these models to buy, here is a short comparison of what you would get by choosing one of these:


It is true that a new Beat would perform better than a used one, but even a used Beat can give really high performance. If you purchase a well maintained used Beat, you would get almost as much performance as you would get in a new model. Petrol models offer better performance when compared to the diesel models, but the fuel efficiency is better in diesel models.


If you go for a brand-new Chevrolet Beat, you would obviously have more features as compared to going for an old model. The model would be newer and fitted with the latest technology by the company. But as Chevrolet Beat has been in the market for a long time now, there isn’t much change in the models in the recent years.


If you go for a new Chevrolet Beat, the base model costs INR 3,92,082, ex-showroom price, for petrol model and INR 4,92,284, ex-showroom price, for diesel model. The top diesel model costs INR 5,87,513 ex-showroom price and top petrol model costs INR 4,867,90, ex-showroom price.

But if you look at a deal for used Chevrolet Beat in Bangalore, you’d know that it is going to cost way less. For half the price of the base model, you would get the top model.

Make an apt decision with the help of this comparison between both new and used Chevrolet Beat.

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