Moissanite Wedding Rings Can Change Your Life For The Best


When it comes to engagement or moissanite wedding rings, we usually consider diamonds as stone rings and platinum as the metal band. We are aware that these two are too expensive, right? What if you are just an ordinary or simple person who can’t afford to purchase this kind of ring? No problem, we have the solution for you.

Moissanite rings are a new option

Aside from diamonds, there are other gemstones you can consider as your engagement or wedding ring. However, if you really wanted a diamond but your budget is not enough, you can choose moissanite rings which really looks like diamond rings and some of it shines more brilliantly than diamonds.

History of the moissanite

Most women love gems that sparkle. About 4 years ago a new technology of lab-created simulated diamonds was becoming quite a sensation. The product was moissanite. The mineral moissanite was discovered by Henri Moissan in 1893 when crystal samples from a meteor crater in Arizona appeared to be diamonds. In 1998 the jewelry market recognized the incredible visual properties of lab-created moissanite and declared that they exceeded the sparkle of the diamond. It was produced to compete with diamonds. The hardness of the man-made stones is 9.5 on a scale of 10. Diamonds being rated the hardest at 10.


Moissanite and fake diamond rings are also listed as cheap rings for wedding and engagement. Some people consider mokume gane rings for it’s cheaper than platinum or pure white and yellow gold. Mokume is a Japanese word which means “moku” which means wood, “me” means eye and “gane” which means metal. Mokume was once used as the material in making “Samurai Sword”. It is a combination of some other metals fused into heat.

Moissanite uses a variety of gemstones

Popular is a combination of gold, silver, and copper. These types of rings are designed as a work of art. Any metal combination can be made as mokume rings. Any ring styles and settings can be made. It can be either engrave or carved. Gemstones are also called birthstones. Stones like tourmaline, aquamarine, topaz, sapphires, emerald, Peridot, pearls, garnet, opals, and a lot more are great choices for they don’t cost as much as diamonds. These stones come in different colors and perfect for those who have certain desires for colors.

Moissanite Engagement Rings Are The Popular Diamond Alternative ...

Why moissanite is the affordable option

Aquamarine gemstones are popular for blue, green, red for ruby, and yell for sapphires. These stones are believed to be mystical and possessed healing capabilities. It can act as a talisman or lucky stone to wearers. These birthstones are affordable and cheap. Moissanite, mokume rings, and other gemstones may be cheap but it won’t limit your taste when it comes to elegance and beauty. These rings are totally lovely and unique. It is trendy, modern, and fashionable. It is sold in many colors such as pink, red, yellow, blue, green, white, orange, black, and with the colour combination, designs, and settings that will surely fit your budget and satisfaction.

There is more to a diamond ring than its price

A lot of jewelry stores and online stores are offering this type of rings all over the world. The cost of a wedding or engagement rings is not important. What important is, the love, effort, and care by both men and women are sharing to keep their relationship stronger, to the day of their wedding, and until a lifetime. Diamonds last for years because they are tough as well as hard. Although the moissanite stones are closely graded in hardness to diamonds, moissanite must be handled gently.

Choose wisely

Depending on the design of the ring, they typically don’t have a better cost compared to non-matching sets. Thus, the decision to purchase a matching wedding ring set for the man and woman has more to do with personal preferences. Does the woman have an overly ornate wedding band? If so, the husband may choose an easier version to wear. However, if the bride-to-be’s band is more simple, with engraved designs or a particular polish, the man may be more willing to wear a matching band. There are many types of metals to choose from, as well as different types of stone settings, and other designs.

Moissanite is a token for the bond you share

The most popular metals are gold, platinum, titanium, and silver. Couples will want to consult each other in order to choose a band that suits them both. Purchasing a wedding ring is an important process that some spend months debating. A wedding ring set might not be perfect for everybody, as every couple won’t have an equivalent fashion style. However, for others, it is the perfect way to show that two have become one. Men’s Wedding Rings Info provides detailed information on diamond, platinum, titanium, gold, moissanite, unique, and luxury fit men’s wedding rings, also as wedding band sets for men and ladies.

The name, moissanite, does not make the ring inferior

Moissanite engagement rings is not only inferior, they are similar to diamonds, natural gemstones. In some ways moissanite engagement rings is even better. Moissanite shares heat conductivity with diamonds, but not the non-appearance of color. That’s why jewelers extricate moissanite from the diamonds. Moissanite refracts subtle shades of green, yellow, or grey.

How moissanite is an equivalent to diamond

On the other hand, the hexagonal property of moissanite has more brilliance than diamonds with their isometric structure. You might be surprised to learn that moissanite is not the bargain you think it would be. In fact, a superior moissanite stone costs more than an inferior diamond. If you want to explore moissanite for your bride, make sure you check for its carat, cut, clarity, and color, just like you would a diamond.


Caring for moissanite is similar to diamonds. You’ll want to avoid contact with harsh chemicals. But with the same consideration of its traditional diamond cousin, moissanite engagement rings can provide a lifetime of sparkle and excitement. Let’s face facts — buying moissanite wedding rings is one of the most important purchases that you will ever make.

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