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Morning that starts with a good morning message from your loved one is truly special. Everybody has a special someone in life, somebody you love, somebody with whom you share a mutual liking but are not able to say it to that person, someone you have just started dating or someone who is more than a friend to you. We all have that special someone in life, so it becomes important to make that special someone feel all the more special. A good morning wish is the sweetest gesture than one can make towards their love one, as it is enough to bring a smile on that someone special’s face. Think about the special someone in your life, do you get goose bumps? How do you feel? What comes to your mind while thinking about that one special person?  There are a lot of questions that cross your mind while thinking about that person and there are a number of people who do not know how to express.

So sending a good morning message is the first step towards making your someone special feel really special about themselves; and there are plenty of good morning messages for someone special that you can think of or can even find them on the internet and send it to them. Your special one would be elated seeing the good morning message. Even if you have not confessed about your feelings to that special person then to these good morning messages play an important role.

Text messages for someone special

A smile on the face of your special one after seeing your message is the best thing, so here are some good morning messages that you can send and make their day.

  • Whenever i see your call it brings a smile to my face, good morning.
  • I just wish to see your pretty face every morning, have a great morning.
  • You are the first thought when i wake up and the last though at night, you keep me occupied with your thoughts the whole day, good morning.
  • You are the strength that helps me going, your love is all i need, thank you for coming in my life good morning.
  • Thinking of you every morning makes my day bright and happy, good morning.
  • You bring sunshine to my dark life; you are the sun and the moon in my dark days. You lighten me up, good morning.
  • You are my angel, my entire life; i cannot imagine my life without you.
  • Just like the flowers bloom when the sun comes out, my face blooms with a smile when i think of you. Good morning sweetheart.
  • You are the sparkling and shining star that lightens up everything. Have a bright and great morning.

You can make the mornings bright and happy for your someone special by sending such good morning messages full of love and positive energy. These definitely would make your special one smile bright.

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