How Medical Crowdfunding is the Ultimate Answer to the World’s Healthcare Crises


Aadya is a cheerful baby girl. She is five years old, likes to play with her stuffed animals and loves doodling with her crayons. What’s surprising is that Aadya has already suffered through much more than many of us do in our entire lives. At the age of three, after several bouts of fever, nausea and pain, she was taken to the doctor and diagnosed with Leukemia.

Abhijeet is 26, and makes it a point to take time out from his busy work life to pursue his passion for dance. He woke up one day to find every dancer’s nightmare; that his limbs were numb and unresponsive. The paralysis spread quickly, as an effect of what doctors called Guillain-Barre disorder.

Both Abhijeet and Aadya, and thousands of other individuals like them on Impact Guru have been able to get the quality medical treatment they needed in time, despite the colossal bills posed on them by hospitals. Abhijeet’s friend was able to collect Rs 11 lakh in 9 days and Aadya’s father raised Rs 16 lakh in four weeks. This was made possible by the concept of crowdfunding India.

Why is crowdfunding the ideal answer?

Crowdfunding platforms all around the world, especially in India and the US are witnessing a surge in medical fundraisers. A majority of funds donated to crowdfunding platforms today are to patients struggling with merciless medical bills. In India, whose medical tourism booms on account of its relatively affordable healthcare, lakhs of families are unable to pay for their loved ones’ medication, diagnosis and treatment. An underprivileged family that can barely afford two meals a day and earns all of Rs 10,000 per month to feed four or five individuals is expected to cough up anything between Rs 10-25 lakhs to treat widespread conditions like cancer, organ failure and so on.

Loans are a non-existent option for such families, as they only burden them with the impending expectation of payback and push them further into the clutches of poverty and debt. While many families turn to sell their assets and property, this may also be an impossible option for a family that already possesses so little. This is where crowdfunding India comes in. Platforms like Impact Guru allow them to approach a large population of people and pool in donations. The families and friends of hundreds of patients have managed to raise the money they need in weeks, days and often even overnight!

There are several reasons why crowdfunding is working so efficiently at this speed. First, there is no pressure of payback. Donors give because they are well-wishers who are concerned. Second, the whole process is on a safe and secure platform online. Third, raising funds through crowdfunding is ridiculously affordable, where only 5-10% is absorbed as a fee. Fourth, it’s the most convenient and risk-free method of raising money, as most platforms let campaigners begin crowdfunding for free. A fundraiser can be created in minutes, after which you can start encouraging donors to make their contributions!

Do you know someone who’s struggling to afford their medical bills? Consider turning to crowdfunding India platforms to sort them out today!

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