Do You Know Why People Like to Visit Charleston?


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If you ever visit South Carolina then you will never like to miss to visit the oldest and largest city of Charleston. If you want to know why people love to visit this city then read on to know the reasons.

  • It is one of the most affordable places for vacation

If you ever go on food tours Charleston then you will find plenty of free things that you can do. Take your camera and you can move around the market, where you can shop almost anything. You can visit King Street which is famous for both shopping as well as dining and on every second Sunday of the month there will be lots of street vendors around where you can get free entertainment. You can take your family to taste some great food. Also, there are lots of places to take good snaps to keep your memory alive.

  • American history

Charleston can be called well preserved museum where you can find plenty of historical monuments of America. You can just take a boat cruise and visit Fort Sumter National monument where you can see the first shot of great American Civil War. Also, you can visit historic place Nathaniel Russel House and Aiken-Rhett House.

  • Arts, festivals and other entertainment

If you are fond of art events then attend Spoleto Festival USA or if you are fond of food then visit Charleston Restaurant Week in September or visit Law-country Oyster Festival during January.

  • Beaches

There are three beaches with gentle water and smooth sand which are located close by.

  • Foods and culture

If you are fond of eating shrimp and oysters along with Carolina gold rise then you can visit The Ordinary or Hominy Grill. Also, you can visit few well-known museums of this place where you get to know about life styles of 18th and 19th century.

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