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The pickleball is a sport and it is played by a special paddles. This pickleball paddles is made up of light weight or design. The shapes or prices of the paddles are very economical and the life is durable and strong of the paddle.

This paddle is specially made for playing tournament .it is a very good choice for the player. The surface of the paddle is design in two layers which is made up of fibreglass or graphite with honeycomb aluminium core for increase the strong, durablity and weight.

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This paddle has an edge guard and different designs .the grip and cores of the paddle is very curved to move the paddle easily. The light weight material gives a better and excellent balance comfort and control. The first layer is made up of fibreglass and the second layer is graphite to create a paddle. This paddle is have large head size and it is one of the intermediate line paddle. It is feels very comfort while playing the game. The pad of the paddle is very gripy to play the shot very frequently.

There are many variety in the pickleball paddle as per the quality of the material or price. The edged paddle is that paddle which has an edged guard in the paddle. The paddle consist of a padded grips to feels a good grip in hand while playing.

The important features of the paddles are:

  • The edge and grip of the paddle is very comfortable.
  • The material quality is very excellent and durable.
  • It is very light or strong.
  • The size of the paddle is easily to handle.
  • Easy to handle or carry with us.

The paddle is looks like a table tennis paddle. The paddle is consist of many colours as per the choice of the player. The paddle is tested many time in the company before supply in the market. It is a slim or straight to place a shot which i like to play. The Wolfe XL paddle is first choice of everyone. it gives you more accuracy while playing. The player plays with confidence and best. The paddle is certified by the international pickleball association and you can check website here.

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