How to Protect Your Business from Data Theft


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As a business, there’s always a risk of a digital breach of your information. Whether that information is your personal records, client or employee details, or any other form of sensitive data, if it’s taken by the wrong person there could be a series of disastrous consequences. Thankfully, there’s a way to keep your details safe.

As technology advances, so should our security networks. Unfortunately, it seems as though hackers are advancing faster than some of the security being used, which is how data theft occurs. There are the obvious defences; anti-virus protection, firewalls, encrypted documents and passwords, but often businesses overlook the most obvious breach. Your paper waste could be holding all the secrets of your business with absolutely no protection to prevent it from being stolen and used. Document destruction is incredibly important, even though we’re in the midst of a digital era.

You want to remember the privacy laws, and why they’re in place. These laws protect the information that you possess of your clients and employees, ensuring their details aren’t leaked and that they are not at risk of data theft or identity fraud. To ensure that you’re following the privacy laws, you should consider a document shredding company to take care of all of your paper files. It’s important to ensure that you’re meeting all of the requirements for the destruction of your sensitive files, as if you aren’t; you put not only your clients at risk but also your business’s reputation. If potential clients find out that you’re not following the privacy laws properly and because of this, one of your clients suffered from data theft or fraud, the chances of them continuing a relationship with you is slim. Making sure that you have a secure network in place will offer you peace of mind as well as your clients, and potential future ones.

You also need to remember the risk that your employees pose. Usually, when it comes to setting passwords to professional accounts, there’s a 12 character requirement. This has to be a mix of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols, which can be a pain to remember at the best of times. Often, companies will also require employees to change their password regularly, which can make it even more difficult to remember. This tends to lead to post-its scattered around desks with passwords on, or scraps of paper that get cleaned away and forgotten about. This is an easy way for someone to hack into your systems, especially when these papers aren’t disposed of properly. Making sure that you remind your employees to deal with any paper copy of any level of sensitive data is a simple but massively effective way to help prevent data theft within your business.

Taking these precautions will help your business stay safe from data theft and fraud. For more information on paper shredding and how it could help you, please visit website.

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