How To Defuse Frustrated Customers


Disgruntled customers are not easy. These shoppers have rising emotions that escalate quickly, making your job even harder. These people, though, are valuable. They can relay to others how you work and handle problems; thus, it is to your benefit to amend any wrongs quickly and effectively. Is that possible? Yes, most of the time. Business owners should try the following five steps to pacify irritated customers.

  1. Don’t Get Emotional

As a professional service, it’s imperative to remain calm and level-headed when speaking with customers. Remember that angry clients are reacting to poor service or issues with products. They are not mad at you but at the failure that something or someone did not live up to expectations. Don’t get swept up in the emotions. Instead, have a steady voice and maintain a non-threatening posture.

  1. React Quickly

An immediate response helps alleviate frustration and tension; therefore, do not wait to return calls or speak with your customers. If you cannot be near a phone, search for emergency call handling New Milford CT to locate a service that responds for you.

  1. Listen Attentively

Allow people to share their stories and concerns. Do not interrupt. In the end, show them you care by summarizing what they told you. Also, ask additional questions about the situation. This act demonstrates you paid attention and want to correct the event.

  1. Connect With the Customer

There is a chance to keep this shopper. As the business’s representative, reveal you see value in this customer-company relationship. Acknowledge that something happened incorrectly. Defensiveness isn’t going to improve the situation. Instead, express sympathy.

  1. Apologize and Correct

To move forward and ease any trouble, apologize. Owning up to a mistake or failed product is okay. Then, ask how you can make the situation better. Perhaps you might send a new product for free to replace the one that didn’t work well. If service was poor, could you refund for the occasion or offer a discount for a future call. People like to receive something to show you understand. That gesture could be enough to gain return business and regain favor.

While it would be nice for every customer to be happy all the time, that just doesn’t happen. There are going to be times when things go wrong, and it’s up to you to make things better. Be prepared to alleviate the upset feelings by listening and working with people.


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