High index lenses, made just right for men and women and children


The trendy and innovative changes made to frames and lenses are applicable for both male and female. Though most frames are usually labeled as unisex prescription glasses there are some eye wear that are specifically designed to suit the face of a woman or the face of a man. Generally speaking, the facial features of a man differ, as they are broader in shape with comparison to their female counterparts. The nose, jaw, forehead and at times cheekbones structure of men are customarily more widespread than women, consequently would need the adequate shape of eye wear to cater to their facial features. For this reason specialists have designed the frames of glasses to be wide around the nose area in order to fit comfortably on a man. The bridge is created slightly higher so as not to obstruct the forehead. The frame of the glasses is wider in length in order to enable spacing for the temples.

 A woman’s eyeglasses on the other hand are generally made slenderer in length in order to cater to the face of a largely slim faced population of women. The bridge is brought lower to cater to the smaller structure of their face. The nose pads are also brought closer in order to fit tightly around the nose area of a woman. An example of such strategically built frames would be the 1.74 high index lenses for women.

Designers have also adjusted eye wear for children. The fun and innovative colors cater to most children as they come in the blues, pinks, yellows and even purple! The frames of such glasses are very simply made so as not to add too much design or pattern to an infants face. The nose area of the frame  are made considerably shorter in order to cater to the generally short face of a child. They are made shorter in length as well as children usually have smaller dimensioned heads.

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