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One useful factor for athletes is that steroids accumulate in the muscle cells as glycogen. This process flows alongside the intense fluid build-up, which, along with the increased volume of muscles, raises their strength.

An anabolic steroid is the most common product taken by athletes for muscle build up and additional strength. You can find indicated here some undesirable effects of this steroid, which may help you in deciding whether you want to use such products.

The steroids reduce the processing of endogenous insulin, because the muscle cell can, by processing them, assimilate nutrients (carbon hydrates in the form of glycogen and amino acids in the form of amino acids) with less insulin dependence. This allows the athlete to reduce the percentage of fat and improve muscular strength; because of insulin, together with its very strong anabolic hormone, converts glucose into glycerin and finally to triglyceride, which leads to increased lipid.

Not all the steroidal molecules found in the blood immediately unite with the sex hormones or are in a free and active state. A part is immediately used by the body and is removed from it. Another part can be transformed by the body into female sex hormones – estrogen. This process is called aromatization, and at first sight seems to be inconceivable, but on a more detailed examination of the structure of the male sex hormone – testosterone – and the female – estradiol – it is highlighted that they are very similar.

The body can easily handle the structural changes needed in the enzyme molecule. Certain steroid molecules are transformed like exogenous parts of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Preparations such as Nandrolone Decanoate, Dianabol, Testosterone Enantate, Sustanon-250 and Parabolan have a high capacity to search for the necessary receptors of the most diverse users in the body because they have a higher percentage of free molecules than others.

However, many depend on the particularities of the body. Some athletes have a very large amount of free receptors, which in turn radically increases the anabolic effect. This explains that some low-dose steroids are sure to achieve a satisfactory outcome. Among the athletes, there are individuals with small amounts of receptors in the muscle cells and for this reason, only very strong SAA will be effective for them. Often these people use high doses of the steroid variety without any visible effect.

Besides the genetic factor, an important moment is also the activity of the receptors. It is known that the receptors have a more intense activity in the body of young people up to 20 years. At this age, steroids are better assimilated and give maximum results.

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