Everything you need to know about hand-tufted carpets!


When compared to other Hand tufted carpets, the production time of a hand-tufted rug is shorter, making it a more cost-effective option. However, it still retains the character, warmth, and durability that come from human hands joining fibers.

Process of making hand-tufted Carpets

  • Step 1

The first step in making a hand-tufted carpets is to pin a large canvas or cotton cloth tightly to a metal frame. On each of the frame’s four sides, there are a series of needle-like teeth. A tight canvas on the frame makes it easier to tuft and produces designs that are clearly defined.

  • Step 2

The desired design is first drawn on a large piece of transparent paper before tufting. The paper has a butter-like appearance. Tiny holes are carefully punched into the designs on the paper. Then, it is positioned on the canvas. The paper is then rubbed with a cloth that has been dipped in blue ink. This transfers the design onto the canvas from the paper.

  • Step 3

The rug’s construction begins now. The weaving tool known as a “tufting gun” is used to set dyed color wool or silk. A semiotic instrument that uses human hands is the tufting gun. This tool makes construction less labor-intensive and more cost-effective. The canvas is shot through with wool, and wool loops appear at the backing of the canvas. The rug’s foundation is the canvas. Compared to knotted rugs, this is the most fundamental. The weavers are guided through the process by the canvas’ blue ink lines.

  • Step 4

After looping the entire design on the canvas, it is taken out of the frame and washed. The carpet gains luster and sheen after being washed.

  • Step 5

Adding the protecting layer to the looped canvas is the next step. Because it prevents the pile from separating from the rug, this is crucial. Two latex layering is a must for any hand-tufted rug

  • Step 6

Applying a layer of “scrim,” a rubber grid, is the next. Once more, latex glue is applied on top of that. The canvas and the wool are held together by glue.

Let’s talk about some easy ways to clean hand-tufted area rugs.

To prevent soil from building up, vacuum the rug frequently. To keep the rug looking new, vacuum it at least once a month.

Blot the stain with a paper towel first to remove wet stains. Blot the stain and turn the rug upside down if it is too wet. The stain won’t be able to get any further into the fiber or its backing as a result of this. Mix any dishwashing soap or shampoo in a bucket of cold water. Put a white towel or cloth in the mixture to soak. To remove the stain, rub it onto the rug’s surface. Keep doing this until the stain is gone and let it air dry.

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