Co-sleeper Bassinets Are quite Beneficial


Most parents prefer keeping their baby in the same room they sleep. Bedside sleeping system or co-sleeper bassinets are the best solution to make your baby sleep along your bedside by night. It is also recommended to keep the baby in the same room of parents at least up to six months to avoid SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). Making your child sleep in the same room does not mean that you make him share your bed. That is why people prefer bassinets that can be attached with the bed on one side. It allows the parents to reach to the baby when required at night without getting out of bed.

Selecting a Bedside Co-sleeper:

  1. While selecting a co sleeper bassinet, you have to check the mechanism of the sleeper carefully. It should get attached to your bed completely and should not create a gap in between your bed and the bassinet. The mattress of the basinet also should be little hard so that the baby does not sink inside. Generally all manufacturers mention age limit and weight on the bassinets, so choose one that fulfills your requirement. Children tend to turn sides when they are three to four months old. So you also have to decide for how long the child is going to sleep near your bed.
  2. The bed of the bassinet needs to be firm and must be well fitted without leaving gaps at the edges. The height of the mattress also should be up to the surface of your bed making it easier for you to attend to the baby. Bassinets come in various sizes and there is no general size where you can fit a standard size bedsheet. You have to cover all the corners properly leaving no space that can obstruct the breathing of the baby. Don’t add any soft pillows or bumper pads around the baby. Give your baby a bare mattress for sound sleep.   
  3. Side walls of a bassinet are generally made by wood (as in cribs) and net walls that provide good air flow to aid easy breathing. Since most of the bassinets do not come with mesh on all sides, trying to find a bassinet with mesh on all sides will be an ideal choice. This way baby’s breathing will not be impaired if his head snuggles up to any of the side walls.
  4. After few months when the child reaches three to four months of age, it starts rolling from one side to another. At this time you may feel that the bassinet space is not enough for the growing child. So instead of wasting money on a smaller bassinet, you should invest in a bigger and deeper co-sleeper. But at the end of the day it is your choice for how long you want your baby to sleep in your room. There are light weight and foldable bassinets also which are good for those who travel frequently. The main advantage of this bassinet is that your baby is used to sleep in it.

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