Best Cars for Your Road Trip in the USA


Road trips can present the most thrilling moment to look for. Sometimes, you deserve to escape from the busy schedule at the workplace to enjoy some coolbreeze cruising through the town or even crossing the border to the neighboring city or even country.

Truth be told, it’s not every car that can withstand the pressure of road trip, which leave your personal ride out of the equation. Even if you can rely on the ruggedness of your car, does it give you the luxurious feel that you truly desire? Is it cost effective for effective for a long-term journey? This and many more factors are to be put in place, and often, patronizing car rentals has proven to be a smarter choice. NU rental USA is the leading car rental services with operations across every part of the United States.

Whether you want to fulfill your promise of a cozy family trip to your partner and your kids, or you are in need of executive cars to take your newlywed partner for a well-deserved honeymoon, you can count on NU rental USA to meet your unique need working through your budget.


1. Treat your family to a luxurious road trip with the elegant Kia Sorento SUV

Elegantly built to offer a class above the park, the Kia Sorento is a competitive fuel economy car perfect for a family road trip. Lauded for its excellent design, Kia Sorento runs on four cylinders guaranteeing good mileage. It rocks suspension absorbing bumps granting you full confidence while taking corners. Although this luxurious car is a bit less spacious than many SUVs, however, it’s a city-friendly and road trip worthy car that seamlessly delivers the features if larger vehicles. Enhanced with gorgeous and scenic interior design, Kia Sorento accords you and your family that comfy feel and intuitive control not leaving out the supersonic infotainment system. The rear seats are Well-padded with tiny space for your kids to sit closer to you. The reclining backrest allows an adult to change their seating position and enjoy some rest.

If you care about safety, then trust Sorento SUV to grant you that. Thanks to its automatic emergency breaking option with advanced safety gear.

2. Perfect honeymoon trip with Ford Mustang

Newly married, desire the best honeymoon with no disturbance? Then the Ford Mustang from NU rental car is your best pick. Offering style, muscle, and class, the convertible Ford Mustang make honeymoon experience what it ought to be, a tale of two lovers. You can cruise through the cities of US the origin of Mustang in this gorgeous sports car. Best recommended if your destination is somewhere warm.

3. Enjoy moments with friends in the spacious Toyota Sienna car

What a better way to enjoy a vacation with a group of friends than going on a road trip in a Toyota Sienna car? Although it’s a way behind from fanciful, what Sienna loses in design, it compensates in size. You can be sure to fix in all your friends and their luggage without having to leave anything behind. For instance, the 3.5L V6 offers a reasonable return of 20mpg. Sienna comes with all-wheel drive offering reliability. This spacious car can easily house up to 8 adults making your trip more fun, remember the more the merrier.

4. The go-anywhere Range Rover SV for business trips

If you are heading for a business trip to land the best deal, you will want a car that is not only fast but comfortable and has decent fuel mileage. If you need these three things, then the Range Rover SV is the best shot. Its estimated travel range of almost 500 miles one tank allows the car to hustle 0-60 in just 5.5 seconds. The interior of the Range Rover SV is crazy luxurious, and you are sure to get that go anywhere confidence with the Range Rover.


5. The Mazda MX-5 Miata for solo trip travelers

The Mazda MX-5 Miata is sure to offer you the solo ride of a lifetime especially if you don’t give room for another passenger during your trip. Its convertible top, average 36mpg, 155 horsepower, and a super sleek interior and exterior, you will enjoy all the guts and glory of a sports car. This small car will offer you superb handling, striking curb appeal and lots of fun especially if you love stylish vehicles and when you are not in need a lot of space.

Consumer prefers getting the best deal when it comes to renting a car in the USA. As leading car rental services with operations across every part of the United States, NU rental USA is committed to providing you with the best service to enjoy your trips irrespective of the purpose. These 5 cars by NU rental USA will provide you with the perfect road trip to meet your needs.


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