Basic Responsibilities of HR intern


Human resource management is not an easy job. Besides having the appropriate knowledge and qualification, an HR manager needs to possess certain qualities-leadership, out of box thinking, excellent communication skills, motivational skills, etc. A Human Resource Internship can be stepping stone to develop these skills and enhance knowledge.

Why is HR internship important?

  • For any student, Human resource internship will provide practical experience for what one has learned in the classroom.
  • For a fresh graduate or anyone who wants to pursue a higher degree in the HR field, HR internship can act as a deciding factor if it’s a right path for their career or not.
  • Premium Graduate Placements local human resources internships gives an opportunity for freshers to develop skills related to human resource management and also helps them in polishing their existing skills.

Few tips for the preparation for an HR internship interview:

A clear understanding of the HR concepts and the demonstration of soft-skills is very important for the interview. Similarly, it is always better to gather some information about the company before the interview. This makes the interviewer realize that the person has done the homework and is serious for that internship. An intern can also prepare answers to some of the most popular questions like “ why we should hire you,”” What would you do for the company if we hire you,” etc.

Responsibilities of an HR intern:

Some of the common functions performed by human resource intern include:

  1. Recruitment: ‘Hiring’ is one of the basic responsibility of an HR manager. If the intern gets the opportunity to gain some practical experience in the field of recruitment he/she should make the best of it. Some of the basic things that an intern is asked to do in this category include
  • Understanding the company’s requirements
  • Initial screening
  • Shortlist candidate on the basis of performance in the first round of interview
  • Schedule the appointment of selected candidates with concerned managers for next round of interview
  • Verification of documents of selected candidates
  • Issuance of the offer letter
  1. Making arrangements: making arrangements for meetings, training sessions, traveling of the workforce, etc. can be part of the HR internship program.
  2. Communication with the employees: One of the major jobs of an HR manager is to make sure that the employees are happy with the company. HR interns may be asked to communicate with the employees and check if they are facing any work-related problem.
  3. Keeping a record of the cost: This deals with maintaining a record for various kinds of expenses done by the company.


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