10 Important Things To Consider When Buying Curtains


Any purchase we make is meaningful and contributes to the overall value of our home. From the largest to the smallest piece, decorations shape and add utility to any room. Windows are eyes to a room’s soul, and curtains are the decor around it. Putting up curtains is the finishing touch and the final detail for any homeowner. With so many choices available, you can easily get lost in the possibilities. By following some straightforward standards, you’ll make the decision easier.

1. Material

The curtain material is the first criterion you should consider. Velvet, silk, linen or synthetic are some of the most popular choices, and you can’t go wrong with them. Silk is ideal for lavish and big bedrooms, adding a touch of elegance and class. Velvet can breathe in a sense of privacy when you decorate a small condo or a bedroom. The material doesn’t necessarily have to go for certain rooms, but it helps to match the material as it will perform the best according to its environment.

2. Colour

Curtains are the certainly last piece of decor in any room, so curtains are the ones whose colors must adapt to the surroundings. The art of mixing colors and adapting curtains to the room is known because colors affect our mental well-being. Drastic shifts and changes in tone can cause the room to “feel” uncomfortable. The best thing about colors is that any type can go against any material, size, and detail of the curtain, so you are not limited in that aspect.

3. Size

With size, we always recommend first going with longer curtains which have more width. Larger curtains offer more protection and a sense of privacy, plus they can be adapted to smaller sizes and refurbished if you change your mind. Shorter curtains cannot get extended, which is why longer curtains should always be your first choice. On the other hand, smaller curtains are easier to install, can be used in more places, and require less upkeep, as they are quicker to wash and dry.

4. Room

Now comes the “where” part of your curtain placement. All the choices and combinations available are tailor-made to fit certain rooms. A curtain in the kitchen waste differentiates compared with the one in the bathroom or bedroom. Investing in quality and the best curtains will add value to your room and home, making your stay there pleasant. As an investment, you want to get the most out of your money, and quality curtains can fit multiple rooms, last longer, and be useable again, even when you re-decorate any room. Timeless curtains are called that for a reason, and you should always pick such an option first.

5. Upkeep

Buying curtains is one item on the list, but keeping them in the same condition as when you bought them is an entirely different activity. Curtains may have their price clearly shown, but the creeping upkeep can cost more in the long run. Regularly washing, cleaning, and drying curtains with proper detergents and methods keep them fresh long after the initial purchase. Even potential fixes to scratches, wear and spills are all part of the upkeep, and some materials are easier to protect and repair than others, where silk is the worst offender and synthetic materials are the easiest. On the other hand, silk curtains are a top-shelf material.


6. Installation

Some curtains need a hanger, others rely on suspensions, there are curtains with frames, and some can be installed by drilling hangers directly into the wall. Whatever the installation type is, it’s separated into ones needing professional assistance and DiY. We agree that installing curtains is not as difficult as marble flooring installation, but if you’re hanging and frame choices require an expert handyman it becomes an added cost.

7. Linning

Pure color and single motive curtains are great for bedrooms or studies where you need serenity and peace. Some might consider them plain, but they don’t distract and offer simplicity, diverting your focus elsewhere. Living and kitchen curtains can have all sorts of lining, offering you a chance to break the monotony. Emblazoning, lining, weaving through, and adding decorations on top of curtains are all great ways to make them unique and fun.

8. Custom VS Regular

In this item, it’s all about personal taste. We agree that you can find countless options for curtains online. But if you don’t wish to browse and your local suggestions don’t fit your fancy, then you can always reach out to a professional tailor and have your vision become a reality. Curtains for children’s rooms can contain motives from their favorite cartoons or some custom-made prints, and you can have the trailer fashion whatever you can think of.

9. Curtain consultant expert

Nobody wants to make a wrong choice. With your money on the line, you wish to make the best decision from the start! You have countless opportunities sprawling out before you, and to mix and match them all requires a curtain consultant expert. With experience in the industry, a consultant can easily tell you the basic fabric type, color, and hanging you need for your curtains, offering you a solid foundation to build on.

10. Eco friendly

Similar to the type of material you can choose, you should also aim to buy eco-curtains produced from all natural-grown resources. Such curtains are good for the environment and for the energy efficiency of your home. We’re witnessing the rise of microplastics everywhere and the usage of harmful materials. When you reduce them in your immediate surroundings your health will improve. For users who have an eco-friendly home, eco-friendly curtains are the cherry on top.


 Decorations are what bring life to each home. Curtains decorate all the wonderful space around our windows, making it as beautiful as the rest. They can offer protection from sunlight, privacy from poking eyes, and beauty from the mundane. The versatility of curtains means you’ll be using them everywhere and getting the same, incredible results each time. Trusty companions for your windows will show the world the beauty of your home!


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