Which Online Casino Games Are Best for You?


When choosing to play at an online casino, one of the more common questions new players ask is often which games offer the best odds and which may be the best to play at – fortunately, there’s a lot more transparency in online casinos and it’s much easier to determine which have the best odds of winning and which may not offer the best opportunities, and with a huge and growing list of titles available through sites at Maximumcasinos, there’s plenty of choice to get started with, but where should you start?

Online slots – Slots have always been amongst the favourite of all casino games, both online and offline, and with newer innovations to bring slots in a variety of different ways, this remains true. Typically, however, slots aren’t the best if you’re looking to pull in the big wins – each roll is completely randomised due to random number generator software, and despite what some guides may try to tell you there are no strategies or guides to determine whether or not a win is close by. If you’re playing simply to enjoy the game, slots are definitely one of the best choices, but if you’re playing in hopes of getting a big win, there are certainly other titles with better odds.

Blackjack – A favourite for the tabletop card game players, the premise of blackjack is very simple and even newcomers can quickly understand the game and the best ways of winning. Statistically, blackjack has amongst the best winning odds – certain strategies that would work offline aren’t possible online due to the RNG software and with extra decks in the shoe too, but as you’re only playing against a dealer and not other players, your odds in the simplest terms really are a 50/50. With the rise of alternative services like live dealers too, it brings the real feel of the casino floor to online gaming and is certainly a great choice for newcomers and experience players alike.

Roulette – Another of the favourites, and another of the statistically better odds for winning in online casinos – as with any other game where you aren’t competing against other players, you’re already at a better chance, but given each throw is completely random your odds can be favoured at near 50/50 if you’re betting on colour (with the exception of the one green roll.) It’s another game that’s great for newcomers and experienced players alike too, with no real skill curve to speak of and no insider strategy that can help determine what may be a better winner, it’s another option where your odds remain pretty even.

There are many other games that could make the list too such as, another that relies on the randomness of rolling a set of dice, or even more skill based games such as Poker where your odds may be directly tied to your skill of being able to play – so long as you enjoy the game, you’re already in a better position to win!


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