How to Use Clenbuterol Gel? Its Side Effects and Results


Clenbuterol is a quite widely used steroid, but have you ever heard of Clenbuterol gel?  This gel has fat burning property and helps in muscle gain like its tablet form. Let us discuss about this gel and various results and side effects in this article.

What is clenbuterol gel?

It is a kind of medicine that helps in creating airway passage in our lungs. Therefore,

Claire airway gel can influence autonomic or sympathetic nervous system for which nobody has any control. It triggers to promote smooth muscle tissue relaxation. Therefore, it is often prescribed for asthma patient.

It can also help in building endurance and stamina, which is needed for every function of our body. Therefore, body builders derive benefit from this gel and results in better physique.

How this gel is used for weight loss?

This gel has certain thermogenic property due which it can help in burning fat. However, the fat burning is more visible in those people whose body structure is already lean. This may not be very effective for those people, who are excessively overweight or obese. Body builders usually use this gel for losing little amount of fat to make them fit. Though it produces thermogenic effect, you cannot expect good result unless it is coupled with regular exercises.

What does this gel do?

Most of the bodybuilders use this gel during their post cycle therapy. Before using this gel, one must know how it affects our body. Quite often this gel is used for animals too. However, many body builders use it as per the strength recommended for medical use.

If the gel is used for non-medical purpose then its side effects can be quite alarming. Therefore, anyone decide to use clenbuterol in tablet or gel form should use it with great caution.

What are its side effects?

Clenbuterol is primarily meant for the treatment of animals that are suffering with respiratory conditions. It is not really meant for humans. However, in many parts of the world it is used for the treatment of both humans as well as animals. Some of the side effects of the gels are as follows –

  • Nausea
  • Diarrhoea
  • Increased nervousness
  • Feeling of jittery

Overuse of clenbuterol gel can have very serious consequences which may also create long term damage in certain body organs. So, it is always recommended to use it under supervision.

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