Should You Offer Tips to a High-Class Escort?


As such, there is no rule whether you should tip an escort or not, but offering your escort an extra amount may work out quite well for you.

It is a common problem with all kind of services, and we face the same age-old dilemma, whether should we tip or not tip at all? There can be plenty of arguments for both for and against it.

When you hire an escort girl, exactly you will have same debate in your mind. So, should we tip an escort? In case, you are a person who prefers to give waiters or even barbers a little extra money then there is every chance that you will prefer to tip here too.

After all, the profession of an escort is also skilful like any other profession. For some of you, who need little convincing to tip, here are few reasons of tipping your escort.

Try to book the best escort

If you book escort from a top agency like LOveSita then they will never ask you for tip. However, it is at your own discretion. Usually such agencies will offer you the best escort as per your choice and you have to pay necessary fee before the date.

Any reputed agency will never try to deceive you or surprise you with hidden extra charges. A lot of their clients do offer tips.

You can make her feel important

One of the best ways to appreciate your escort will be by offering her a tip, and that shows that you really care for her. Great escorts will however be never motivated solely by your money, however with extra payment you can really make her feel appreciated.

What amount you decide to pay as tip is totally up to you, but by paying even a small amount you will show to her that you had really great time.

In case she offers something extra

In case the escort entertains you beyond the fixed time it was agreed then tipping will be very good idea. Few escorts will find herself going out of her limit and really try to explore her sexuality. Your tip will reflect that extra effort.

Marking long-standing arrangement

In case, you are seeing same escort for a long time, then chances are more that you will tip her. Just like any professional, you will also develop a rapport with her and she will also feel happy to entertain you by giving extra pleasure.

Impress the agency

Lastly, by tipping the escorts you will ensure to establish great reputation with the agency. Agencies will also offer many exclusive offers or perks to such clients who always treat their escorts very well and are generous about tipping.

This also can be considered as a mark of gentleman. So, by paying little extra, you will find that it will pay you dividends later on.

Small but a meaningful gesture

As we said before, paying tip is something very personal, and you must never be bullied for doing it. Also, it is necessary to offer a very huge tip.

By making little effort to be generous and kind to your escort can help you establish a great relationship, so that you will become a favourite of the agency.

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