Samsung Galaxy S9 with new wireless charge technology


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Well yes, Samsung bets on wireless charging, and we cannot know how it works since the accessory that allows it (the charger) is not included in S8. But the Samsung Galaxy S9 will come up with wireless charger in the box.

For S8, there’s no such accessory in box, but there’s an accessory that can buy online or on Samsung store. This accessory is called the Wireless Charger Convertible, and will be available on Samsung’s own website. I personally believe that a high-end phone should include all the standard accessories, imagine a car without wheels. Well, this is something like that. One of the most useful features of the phone is that we cannot use unless we go through the box again. And with Samsung Galaxy S9 things will definitely be easier.

In the Samsung Galaxy S8, Samsung bets on the USB-C port and is that it is the fashion standard. Neither micro-USB nor USB ports of strange versions nor even did we hurt private lightning. Using a standard makes the accessories universal and that we are not obliged to purchase those of the brand itself. This port allows to connect accessories like a pen drive, option that I like a lot, another type of devices like a GoPro camera or to charge the phone. And the USB-C trend is to be followed in the Samsung Galaxy S9 as well.

By the way, the fast charge function allows recharging the internal battery in less than two hours whenever we use a compatible charger, and not all are. But there are in the phone in the market, which can do better, may be it is just a safe bet from Samsung, and in Galaxy S9 there should be a new limit. For hardware configuration, I will not go into if it has a processor with two or thirty cores, I think they are only data and what matters are the conclusions. To say that the time to open applications is very fast, instant in some cases like Google Chrome or the Gmail app. Switch between tabs in the browser, play a video, stop it quickly and open another app is very good. No doubt up to our benchmark, the iPhone 7.

Comparisons are odious but unavoidable. In my opinion the agility in the opening and closing basic applications is coupled with the iPhone 7, and superior to many other Android phones of friends and family that I have tested to date. To summarize the performance, you can use all the applications and games of the Google store without any problem. So, the flawless performance of S8 can help you predict the performance of upcoming Samsung Galaxy S9. And, also we will have more interesting features that will not only attract you, but also will be helpful in day today life.




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