Picamilon Vs. Phenibut – Which Is Better? Check This Review!


The popularity of nootropic supplements has increased considerably in recent years. If you look for the top-rated options, Picamilon and Phenibut will rank on most lists. Both are GABA derivatives – GABA is the most essential neurotransmitter in the brain. However, it is not possible to use GABA as a supplement, which is why we have drugs like Picamilon and Phenibut. Now, how are these two different? Which one should you use and why? Here are some of the answers and facts you must know.

Benefits of Picamilon and Phenibut

Both Picamilon and Phenibut are designed to offer relief from anxiety and stress. Actually, Picamilon is a popular alternative to Phenibut, as the drugs are known to have similar effects. Phenibut was developed in Russia, but for now, it has not been approved by the FDA for medical use. However, you can buy Phenibut and Picamilon as dietary supplements, mainly to promote relaxation and reduce anxiety. It should be noted these drugs are different as far as chemical structure is concerned. Picamilon contains GABA with niacin, which helps in getting the nutrient to the brain, whereas Phenibut contains an extra phenyl ring, if you match it with GABA’s chemical structure.

Things to note

If you go by popularity, Phenibut is certainly more used than Picamilon, and it works more like a pure anxiety reliever. This doesn’t necessarily mean that Picamilon isn’t safe or not popular. Niacin is known to get added benefits for the brain and nervous system. So, what’s the ideal choice? To be fair, it depends on your requirements. If you need to be alert but want to reduce the feelings and signs of anxiety, Picamilon is better. Phenibut, on the other hand, is meant to promote good sleep, and therefore, it works well when used at night. Some people mix both as required, but it is all about what works for you. Dosage is also different for both. In case of Phenibut, you won’t take more than 1,000 mg to 1,500 mg per day, while a dose of 50 – 500 mg is ideal for Picamilon per day.

No nootropic should be used for a longer period, because the body tends to develop tolerance towards the drug, and there can be withdrawal symptoms and other side effects, as well. Do your homework and if required, talk to your doctor, especially when you are taking medications that are GABA agonists.


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