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Cannabis and hemp are two plant that often leads to confusion. Cannabis and hemp can be distinguished according to their morphology, their use, and composition. There has always been a debate how they are similar to marijuana. Although some places in the USA legalizes the use of cannabis and growth of medical marijuana, there are also places in the USA where the use of recreational marijuana has been legalized. There are places where you can find marijuana seeds for sale in licensed shops. Here in this article, we would be telling the difference between cannabis and hemp.

Despite belonging to the same genus, their morphological differences and their dissimilar active ingredients have resulted in very different uses for Cannabis and hemp. They actually belong to the same family of Cannabis Sativa L. Cannabis and hemp can be distinguished according to their composition, use, and morphology.

Where hemp is grown for obtaining raw materials, Cannabis is grown to increase the THC level for the medicinal or recreational purpose.

  • Process Of Cultivation

Hemp is grown in high-density fields whereas, in cannabis, greater space is allowed between the plants which result in more lateral branches and abundant flowers. The much sought after seedless bud is used for recreational as well as have medicinal properties. You can buy cannabis seeds in the USA from the licensed store at selected states only.

  • USES –

Hemp can be used for many purposes. Here is a list of its uses-

  • Hemp seeds and oil are not only fit for consumption, but they are in fact highly nutritious. Hemp oil is used in the treatment of conditions such as arthritis etc.
  • It can be sued as a raw material for industrial purposes. It can also be used in many products such as paint, cosmetics, varnish etc. it is a renewable and eco-friendly product.
  • The natural fibre of the stems of hemp shows properties of high resistance and durability which makes it useful for clothing, rope, linen and building material. Today hemp acts as an alternative to cotton. Major brands have also started to make their line of textiles using this natural fibre.

Cannabis also has its uses that serve a greater purpose for recreational and medicinal uses.

  • The high level of Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC is doubtlessly the reason for cannabis popularity among the youth and the doctors as the preferred illegal drug in the world.
  • In ancient times cannabis was used in traditional celebration and rituals.
  • Today, millions of people love to indulge in this as it provides relaxation and has a good time with your friends.
  • The medicinal property of cannabis had led to its use as a treatment of several ailments in ancient times. Now in the modern time, it is used as a medicine for epilepsy, autism and neurodegenerative diseases.

Cultivators of cannabis plant have manipulated it over the years to encourage specific traits to become dominant. Where cannabis acts as a remedy in medicinal field hemp has significance in the industrial field as well as hemp oil also has some medicinal properties to it. Still, these are far from being legalized all over the world.

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