A layman’s guide to Grey Hair


Grey hair is a sign of the aging effects; it is a normal thing because it can appear at any time. If you aren’t consuming proper vitamins, then you may face white hair problems in the early 20s. Nowadays, it has become a trend; most of the teenagers are getting Grey hair just because of a lack of vitamins.

Graying hair has become an integral part of life.  If you have thicker hair, then you will able to prevent grey hair problem.

  As per researchers, protein juice and vitamins are quite essential for the hairs. White hairs represent that you aren’t consuming proper protein. Let’s discuss the causes, treatment, and symptoms of Grey hair.

The main reason for premature grey hair

Grey hair has become a complicated problem and doctors aren’t getting a solution for this. Most of the people are facing such problem for genetics, lack of vitamins and smoking habits. Following are the main symptoms of premature grey hair.

  • Smoking

Nowadays, most of the youngsters are indulging in poor habits. Therefore, smoking is the main reason for grey hairs. Smoking is injurious to health it is causing unusual stress in the body that is the main reason for the white hairs. According to researchers, most of the people are getting 50% of grey hair in the age of 49.

Nowadays, millions of people depend on junkfoods that are increasing stress. Instead of consuming Fast food, one must opt for healthy food such as Vitamin c and Vitamin E, etc.  However,

  • Lack of Vitamins & Minerals

Hair is one of the most impotent assets where you have to pay enough attention. If you are consuming fewer vitamins and minerals, then it will lead to the white hair and hair loss problem.

  • Thyroid Disorder

Most of the people are suffering thyroid problems like as hypothyroidism. The thyroid is the main reason behind a lot of grey hairs.  However, it is an integral part of the body that will able to control many functions. Therefore, one should consume a lot of vitamins and minerals.

Treatment for premature grey hair

If you are getting the grey hair in the age of 20, then you can recover from such a problem in a fraction of months. However, you have to eat proper minerals, vitamins and avoid the consumption of fast food.  Following are the treatment for premature grey hair.

  • After finding the white hair problem then you must discuss with the doctor. He/she will suggest you special medicine that will change the color of hair
  • If you are suffering from the thyroid problem, then you must grab proper treatment for it. One should opt for the B-12 pills; it will improve the health of the hair. You may get thicker hair in a fraction of days.
  • You must eat healthy food such as green vegetables, eggs and essential vitamins that can improve the growth of the hairs.

Ultimately, these above-mentioned symptoms of premature grey hairand Treatment will assist you in solving the white hair problem.

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