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Why Synthetic Grass Is Great for Puppy Parents


If you want to reduce the number of fleas in a yard with natural grass you need to spray it with insecticides. While that may make your sweet pup comfortable in the short term, it’s not good for her in the long term. Long term exposure to insecticides isn’t natural and not healthy for your pup. The good thing is synthetic grass doesn’t require insecticides of any kind. It also doesn’t need fertilizer or herbicides. So, when you have synthetic grass installed your dog won’t be exposed to chemicals of any kind reports https://www.durafield.com/artificial-grass-fort-lauderdale .

Synthetic Grass Isn’t Habital to Fleas

Fleas and other pests do not do well in an synthetic grass lawn. When you have it installed you should notice a reduction in the number of fleas in your yard almost immediately. This is fantastic, because your pup can frolic in your yard for hours and come in with hardly any fleas at all. So, it’s a double win. Less fleas and no exposure to the insecticides used to get rid of them.

Synthetic Grass Doesn’t Get Urine Burns

Having a pristine looking lawn is often difficult if you have natural grass, because when your dog pees on it urine burns can form. This is not the case with synthetic grass. It simply doesn’t get urine burned because of its artificial nature. It’s a real winfor you and your pup. Your pup get’s a  natural yard and you get a yard that always looks good.

Synthetic Grass Is Tough

Synthetic grass is designed to withstand professional football and soccer games. You can bet it can handle your pup running around on it if it it can handle cleated athletes running on it. Your dog will finally have a yard she can run around in to her heart’s content and you won’t have to worry about constantly patching it up with sod.

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