What Are the Infections That Occur in Teeth?


Toothache is one of the most unpleasant sensations in which a person goes through his life. If you want to have it checked, make sure to visit the website. Toothache may be due to various causes such as diseases and secondary damage to teeth, gums, oral infections and many others. In this article we will try to systematize some of the most common and common diseases of the teeth and their causative agents as well as information about their treatment and prevention.

Abscess on the gum

Abscess is a complication that occurs as a result of the invasion of microorganisms through the spoiled tooth. Microbes pass through the canal and penetrate into the root, causing inflammation. The reasons for this may be different and one of the more common is a post-sealing complication (unprofessional or defective sealing) where the tooth is not sufficiently cleaned and the processes of rot continue after the obturation. Abscess can also form after tooth extraction, such as a complication from other an infection.

The most common symptoms are a characteristic swelling of the cheek which occurs with pain and the formation of a purulent sac in the gum. Abscess can occur with high temperature and chills. Hygiene is the best way for primary prevention of inflammatory diseases of the oral cavity, teeth and gums. In case of doubt about the formation of an abscess, contact the dentist immediately.

Tooth decay is premature abrasion of the chewing teeth, which occurs as a result of the chewing process. The causes of self-harm are complex. The initial strength of teeth is important – it differs in different people and is due to both genetic factors and the impact of the environment, the health of the patient, food and hygiene habits, etc.

The shape of the teeth can be a cause for their faster scuffing – often tooth tips are encountered and rubbed when chewing, resulting in compromising the enamel and breaking the integrity of the teeth. Self-seizure occurs more frequently when the molars are removed, in case of late sprouting and the development of some internal teeth, curves or extraordinary molars. Then the teeth of the teeth are exposed to constant scuffing, resulting in a visible shortening of the muscles (especially the front).

Treatment is complex and consists of different procedures and treatments. In order to determine, consultation with a dentist and orthodontist is needed.

The gum line may be due to abscess, inflammation or granuloma. It runs through the formation of a “hole” in the gum around a sick tooth,which produces pus and is painful.


Pulpitis is an acute or chronic inflammatory disease of the soft tissues of the tooth (dental pulp). The most common cause of it is mechanical trauma to the tooth, but can also be caused by damage from various chemical influences or from bacterial infection. Pulpit occurs also when the external outer (hard) tooth is visible.

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