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Types of tables you can buy for your home


Frequent use of a space is defined by its comfort and comfort is achieved by selecting the appropriate furniture for each place. Make your room the meeting point considering the activities that will take place in it before furnishing it. Think about what you and your family like to do.

No doubt you will notice a key element that makes the difference when you use this room: the table. A center table is a decorative and support element, besides; there is a great variety of designs based on its functionality.

The activity defines the name of each table

With this rule it will be easier to find what you are looking for in any catalog, showroom or online store. The tables necessary to take into account in the furnishing of a room are:

  • Coffee table or cocktail table/coffee table- It measures from 40 cm to 45 cm and is placed in the center of the furnished. Its height corresponds to a relaxed sitting, is the ideal table to put the coffee or the snacks in front of you.
  • Side table- Its function is to adapt as a contiguous support to a sitting place, so its height of 53 cm to 63 cm is designed to be above the arm of a sofa. It is the ideal furniture for a guest to place from a glass to his glasses while sitting.
  • Table in “C”/ Center table– Its peculiar shape makes this table of support to be embedded in the center of a sofa or armchair. It is perfect for the middle of the large sectional sofas because it offers support to those who are far from the sides. Your size should be up to par from sitting on a couch.
  • Stacking tables/Nesting table- The lowest is 40 cm and the highest reaches 66 cm. They are perfect for meetings for their flexibility include three tables in one and you decide when to use each one.

You can also experiment with the applications and give them a practical twist; instead of a shaker table to the center, you can place a group of low side tables or a small Center table for a sofa without arms.

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