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We actually make far too little use of air conditioners. It is indeed not always really hot here, as is the case, but you can use air conditioners for much more than just cooling. You can use it to warm up your home in the winter, you can use it to control the humidity and you ensure a healthy air circulation in the house. With an air conditioner you can keep the climate in your house perfect all year round.


There are different types of air conditioners available. You can adjust this exactly to your requirements. For example, an air conditioner in the bedroom should make little noise, while in a spare room a mobile air conditioner might be handy. The table below shows what you can take into account with regard to the costs for your new air conditioner in a number of different situations. The LK Brothers Aircon service really offers the best deal.

Grant air conditioner

There is currently no subsidy available for having an air conditioner installed. This is actually strange, because these devices can help you save gas. By cooling and heating with air conditioners you are less dependent on your central heating system. In addition, there are also air conditioners that work with a heat pump, the so-called air-to-air heat pumps, which are extremely energy efficient. Even when you purchase this device, you are not eligible for a subsidy. This will probably change in the future, but at the moment you have to bear the costs for your air conditioner.

Advantages and disadvantages of air conditioners

If you still have doubts about whether or not to purchase an air conditioner, it may be useful to compare the pros and cons of the situation. To make it easy for you, we have already summarized this here in two handy lists.

The advantages

  • With an air conditioner you can keep the temperature in the house pleasant and constant.
  • You can regulate the humidity in the house with an air conditioner.
  • With an air conditioner you can constantly refresh your air in the house.
  • You can heat your room with an air conditioner without using gas for this.

Types of air conditioners

You can purchase different types of air conditioners and this choice is determined by the budget you have and by what you want to be able to do with your air conditioner. It is good to familiarize yourself with the options before you purchase an air conditioner, as this can help you achieve optimum comfort and user-friendliness. The list below gives you an idea of ​​the options you can choose from.

Monoblock air conditioners: these are air conditioners that consist of one unit and that you can hang or put inside in its entirety. Therefore, few crushing works are required for the installation, but the unit is often larger.

Split air conditioners: split air conditioners have an indoor and an outdoor unit. This makes them quieter and less prominent, but there must be a hole in your wall.

Multisplit air conditioners: these are air conditioners with one outdoor unit to which you can connect several indoor units.

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