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The possibility of using Solid Hardwood flooring in under-Flooring heating System


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With homeowners going for more customized and stylish looks, wooden floors are their first choice. When choosing an electric floor heating system, most homemakers will advise you of not using hard dense wood flooring system. This is so because solid wood will expand and contract as per the changes in temperature and moisture. Also, cupping between the boards is a problem while you install solid wood over floor heating systems.

But, if you are going for the under-floor heating system along with ¾ inch solid wood flooring, then ensure for certain key factors:

Ten factors to consider:

  1.    Ensure Thermal Conductivity: Thermal conductivity is best when you use dense wood. With thin flooring material and high density, the heat up time is short and more responsive the system will be.  You should be careful with softwoods as they can block the heat instead of transferring it to the floor surface.
  2.    Wooden thickness: It should not be more than ¾ inch (18 mm) as wood thicker than this can be a problem the system performance.
  3.    Ensure wider wood board than narrow boards: Choose boards with a thickness to width ratio between 7 to 11. A board which has thickness 16mm and width of 160 mm (ratio of 10) is ideal for flooring.
  4.    Use the smart thermostat to regulate temperature: Use smart thermostat which regulates the temperature automatically and keeps your room safe also.  Try not to exceed the temperature above 80°F (27°C).
  5.    Limit values for effective heat transfer:

For effective heat, transfers ensure Tog, no more than 2.5, RSI, no more than 0.25, R-Value (US), no more than 1.42, U-Value, no less than 4.0.

  1.    Use quarter sawn wood: Quarter sawn wood is the most suitable for installation because it can expand properly and evenly. They can reduce cupping and gaps between the boards.
  2.    Use narrower Boards: The narrower boards are better in installation and allow the room to absorb any possible movements of the boards.
  3. 8.    Choose solid white oak: What species of wood is extremely important when it comes for installation. It is stable and doesn’t spill or warp. You can, however, also choose other species like ash, cherry, maple, hickory, walnut.
  4.   Check installation technique: Proper installation is an important factor when you use electric floor heating systems. ¾ inch wooden flooring can be nailed or stapled, so always hire a professional installer who can do it without puncturing.
  5.    Choose floating engineered wood instead of solid wood: This is a better option since floorboards can be locked at the seams instead of gluing or nailing and the entire floor can move as a single unit in case of expansion or contraction. This can stop cupping, splitting or warping. You can choose different designs and colors from the floored wood instead of solid wood.

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