The Most Anticipated Esports Events of 2021


There has been a lot of up and down over the past year regarding events based both online and offline with postponements and cancellations running rampant, but with things starting to get back on track moving forward there are certainly plenty of opportunities to be found. With anticipation a round whether or not offline events can return for esports so players and fans alike can fill stadiums once more, but which are the most anticipated events of the year?

VCT Masters & Challengers – The arrival of Valorant last year certainly shook up the esports scene as it unseated the previous king of the FPS genre in Counter-Strike. Some events have already got underway at the start of this year to get the bigger teams in a position to compete in the bigger champions events later in the year, but many are looking forward to seeing international events take place and see how the different regions stack up against each other and is certainly topping the list as the most anticipated push forward in esports as a whole.

The Counter-Strike majors – As mentioned, Valorant has certainly helped to unseat Counter-Strike from its spot at the top a little, with many tier 2 and even some tier 1 players have made the transition. Whilst the teams at the top have largely remained the same however, there’s still plenty of competition taking place, and with cs-go betting review to help you through many of the bigger events fore the year, you’ll have plenty of guidance on where to start your CSGO betting adventure.

FIFAe World Cup – This past year has also found tremendous success for the growth of traditional sporting options making the jump over to esports, and football is as good a title as any to make the big change. With the backing of the FIFA organisation directly, there’s plenty of support for growth, although the prize funds being a little lower than some other big names in esports it could hurt more than it helps. Similarly, there are other issues as the yearly release of a new title makes it harder for new players to get on board if they have to pay for a new game year on year, and essentially resetting the talent pool for the new release.

Hearthstone Master Tour – For some time there had been a wave of success for trading card games online, and with the resurgence in interest for the physical thing it has helped the online space thrive a little again, the biggest title of Hearthstone does seem to be recovering a bit too. The Master tour is offering $250,000 for each tournament across six throughout they year, which may help turn the tide and bring back opportunities for those interested in the TCG space.

These are just a few of the many events that will be available throughout the year, and many more that are yet to be to announced for sure, and with the question of whether or not fans will be in attendance yet to be announced for many, there’s still plenty of opportunity.

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