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Are you hopping from shop to shop to purchase a feature rich TV? Well, you have arrived at the right place. Purchasing a television for your home and office is an easy and simple process with an online shop. It offers you a huge assortment of TV online with varying features and specifications to assist you to figure out the right one, which meets your viewing habits.

If you are going to purchase LG TV online, then visit price comparison websites and make use of the features there. It helps you easily find the television model that you are looking for and purchase it at an economical price.

Different types of television from LG

LG is one of the renowned brands on the television market, which is well known for its wide range of TV with the host of cutting-edge technologies. Following are the television models available from the LG brand.

LCD (liquid crystal display)

One of the most common types of flat screen TV available in the television market is LCD. In this model, screens lit by CCFL (cold cathode fluorescent lamps) behind the screen, which shines via the matrix of the liquid crystal display cells. It also provides several benefits such as greater brightness, low heat generation, and lightweight panel.

LED (Light Emitting Diodes)

Light emitting diodes are also a type of LCD television, which uses LED to backlit the display. In LED, there are two types of technologies available such as backlit LED and edge-lit LED. This technology TV gives brighter whites and deeper black levels, lower power consumption, themore vibrant range of colors, and much more.


OLED is one of the newest television display technology, which is widely accessed in many top model TVs. It uses an LED panel or Quantum dot technology. This television comes along with several features such as edge-lit LED system, a curved screen, and rich colors. It also owns innovation award for its stunning build and performance.

HD technology

If you want to enjoy entertainment all the times, then you can choose from 4K i.e. ultra HD, 4K HDR, full HD, HD ready, and Ultra HD televisions. These television models give anamazingand excellent performance, which brings to a new level of television viewing experience. Try to avoid TV with less than 4K resolution if you want to enjoy best HD experience. Some of its features are billion rick colors, IPS 4K, and much more.

Smart TV

The Smart TVs are currently trending in the market because of its versatile functionality and tons of features. LG Company offers smart TV by the brand LG webOS. It is an operating system developed exclusively by the company for TVs. When compared to standard television, it has wide range of features such asUltra Surround Sound, TV Launcher, Magic Remote, LG Store, and much more.

Purchase the right LG television model

Explore the aforementioned TV options and choose the right one based on your needs and requirements by considering following aspects.

  • TV display
  • Sound
  • Size
  • price

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