Play an Exciting Multi-Hand Version of Single Deck Blackjack by Play’n Go at HomePlay and Get Ready to Win Big!


Since the first online casinos appeared, RNG-based blackjack games have been the staple of every such gambling platform. Online casino blackjack games utilizing a Random Number Generator (RNG) algorithm are fun, quick, simple, and generous. They usually have a very mild learning curve and can be enjoyed at a pace most comfortable for the user.

What are RNG-driven blackjack games?

RNG blackjack games are the computer-driven equivalent of live casino table games. The outcome of every round in such games is determined by a random number generator algorithm and is, therefore, purely accidental. The quality of visuals in RNG blackjack games ranges from good to outstanding, depending on the provider, and the entire entourage is very reminiscent of the blackjack table atmosphere at a land-based casino.

The benefits of RNG blackjack games over live-dealer blackjack:

  • A beginner-friendly interface featuring helpful tips and in-built tutorials.
  • Simple rules that are easy to follow.
  • No time limits on a round: players can take as long as they need to make a decision.
  • Easy access to statistics allows users to keep track of their wins/losses/past game decisions.
  • Some RNG-based blackjack games have a demo version available, making it possible to play these for free. 

Which online blackjack games are available to HomePlay users?

If you want to try out some of the best RNG-based casino games, including blackjack, come to HomePlay. This trusted South African online casino, home to hundreds of thrilling video slots, casino games, and Lucky Numbers lotteries, offers players one of the most exciting blackjack versions – Single Deck Blackjack MH by Play’n Go.

Single Deck Blackjack is a fun and easy-to-play game suitable for players of all skill levels and budgets. Single Deck Blackjack contains all the traditional game elements that classic blackjack is known and loved for. At the same time, the game boasts enhanced aesthetics and ultra-smooth animations that should broadly appeal to a younger generation of casino goers.

What makes this version of blackjack so attractive is the availability of the multi-hand feature, which allows players to bet on up to three hands simultaneously and thus stand a triple chance of winning.

Since HomePlay does not provide a demo version of Single Deck Blackjack on its website, players are advised to carefully read the instructions for this game available at before placing their first real-money bet. Knowing the rules and requirements will help you find and utilize the best betting strategy and improve the odds of winning this game.


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