Life and Entertainment Applications for Seniors


The number of seniors having a tablet or/and a book reader keeps on growing year after year. The aged enjoy using portable electronic devices due to their practical significance in their day-to-day life. Tablets full of useful apps provide easy access to a wide range of various online resources. Those user-friendly apps may be extremely helpful for adults over 50.


Such popular apps as BigOven and Paprika contain thousands of detailed recipes from famous chefs and ordinary cooks. The recipes of home and foreign cuisine are rated, sorted, and illustrated by pics. Moreover, it is possible to save and share your own best recipes with other users.

Playing Games

Numerous video gaming apps have certain benefits for seniors. They are proved to enhance cognitive performance (mental alertness, attention), improve memory capacity, advance decision-making and develop fine motor skills.


Radio is a traditional source of music and news for seniors. NRP app allows them to listen to news digests, podcasts, and stories. Tuneln Radio can satisfy any music taste with more than 100 thousand FM stations from all over the world.

Health/Safety Tracking

Elderly people, especially those who have health problems or live alone, can stay in touch with their family members by using apps informing the relatives that the senior is doing well. Care alert personal alarm functions as a red button that should be pressed in case of an emergency. Afterward, a GPS location and text alert message will be immediately sent to the emergency contact.

Reading e-Books

Seniors can download free or non-free electronic books and journals from Kindle and iBooks libraries and read them via reading apps. What’s best is a font size can be magnified if an elder person has weak eyesight.

Video Chatting

It is crucial for seniors not to feel isolated from other family members or friends, even though they live somewhere far away. Skype and Viber are well-known reliable apps for video chats that allow elder people to meet a lack of live communication.

Watching Videos

Such video streaming apps as Netflix and YouTube can replace traditional TV channels. With their help, seniors are able to watch series, movies, shows, and music videos. It is a simple and comfortable way to watch favorite films and discover new shows regardless of time, place and TV schedule. Some apps offer services for watching videos offline.

Do not hesitate to move beyond suggestions and explore other apps by yourself!

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