Inspirational Hairstyle Types A Woman Can Experiment With


A little adjustment or change in hairstyle can transform your looks. It is an easy way to gain a trendy makeover. Trying a new hairstyle is also tricky, so look for a reliable hair salon in your locality. Bleen is an online service finder platform connecting Australian traders and local businesses with their consumers. 

There is a saying, ‘it’s just hair, choose a style you feel certain to enjoy’. While some have rules about which hairstyle will suit a few women and which will not. Confidently choose a style that highlights your facial features. It can transform a plain Jill into a gorgeous Diva. 

Inspirational hairstyle types for women

Before you contact local hairdressers to hairstyleget familiar with popular styles. Never feel anxious to play with hair a little!

Flat wave

It is a minimal yet runaway favorite. The style involves light curls from mid-length to hair tip, while top hair stays sleek and straight. You just need a hair straightener and a hair spray. 

Super straight 

Super straight hairstyle is suitable to flaunt at a corporate event or a party. Just brush the straight hair back or experiment a little or ask the hairdresser to cut and add a front fringe. A hairbrush and hair straightener is needed. 

Blunt bangs

Blunt bang hairstyle makes a strong fashion statement. Bang covers the front hair portion but one can wear with short, long, bob cut or curly tresses. You will need flat iron or round brush and blow dryer. 


Make a deep side part and on the small hair section do multiple Dutch braids to attain an edgy and fierce look. You will need a rat-tail comb, hair spray, and bobby pins. 


Bob haircut looks great on every woman irrespective of the color and texture of her hair. Bobs can be long or short and are ideal for daily or sophisticated events. Usually, a bob haircut has a single layer, but experiment with layers to attain dimension and some volume to the hairstyle.


Wearing a bun is practical and there are plenty of stereotypes yet can instantly glam any outfit. It does not need to be tight and high. Go for loose and messy there is no wrong or right ways of wearing a bun. Even a low bun is ideal for cocktail parties and weddings. They can be simple and small or large and bold. Accessorize with an attractive hairpin to get a sophisticated look.

Crew cut

The crew cut was reserved for men, a few decades ago. It is even popular as a military cut involving short hair on the sides with a little length on the top. Only a few ladies can pull off this bold look. Maintaining crew cuts is easy. She can style, slick back, or accessorize this hairstyle to gain a glamorous look.

High ponytail

High ponytail hairstyle makes her look chic and classy without any effort. It blends well with any kind of outfit. A ship-shape high pony makes you look magnificent in a business suit, while a messy one looks charming with a dungaree. 

Setting an appointment with barbershop is easy but equipped with what kind of hairstyle to go with can make a difference!


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