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Football is the most popular sport with fans and bettors. It is the sport that most betting fans start with. We will tell you everything you need to know to make a successful football bet.

The first and most important rule is to choose a reliable bookmaker. Find ratings and detailed reviews of football betting sites on Bookmaker Ratings Zambia!

Football betting – features

When choosing a football betting you have to keep in mind a number of general rules for all sports. The first and most important rule: betting is a hobby, not a way to make money. Therefore you should not spend more money than you can afford to spend on entertainment.

For the right choice of football betting on sports, the following recommendations should be taken into account

– Only bet on sports and tournaments that you follow and understand;- not to bet at random, to analyse the event, and to study the information about the match;- Control the bank and rationally determine the amount to bet.

Types of football bets

There are about two thousand markets in a bookmaker’s lineup for a football match of a major tournament. Even in Japan’s League Three, bookmakers have over 200 variants of bets on offer. Let us talk about each option separately.


The single is the simplest and most obvious bet on football. A single bet is a bet on one outcome (victory of one of the teams, total, handicap, exact score, etc.). The bet is calculated in an easier way: the stake is multiplied by the odds. 

Betting on the result of the match in regulation time

The most obvious bet on football is the main time result. There is a three-way option in the football line-up. which is denoted as 1×2, where:

– 1 – the first team to win in the match description;- x – draw;- 2 – victory of the second team in the match description.

Asian Handicaps 

Asian handicaps have quarter values (1.25; 2.75, etc.) and actually combine two bets on neighbouring European handicaps. The betting amount is divided in half and the two odds are settled.

Double odds

Double odds bets allows you to select two of the regular 1×2 selections in the same bet. A Double Chance may be of the following types:

– 1x – win for the home team or draw;- 2x – victory of the visitors or a draw;- 12 – victory of one of the teams without a draw.

Exact score

It is a bet where the player guesses the correct score at which a football match will end. This kind of bet is characterised by high odds as there are many combinations of scores and it is difficult to guess the exact score. 

Correct score bets are either made by random players who are attracted by high odds or by bettors who employ a strategy. 

Time + Match

This market means betting on the outcome of the first half and the entire match. Normally the odds are high on these markets because the player has to guess two outcomes. 

A time-match market may be used to bet on the underdog against the leader. Usually higher odds are given for such variations. The weaker team is able to hold on to the draw before halftime, but loses by the end of the game. 

Such bets are not suitable for long-term strategies because of the higher risks. “Time-match” is better used in “live”, when you can follow the game and react to changes.

You can use it when the odds are too low for a clear favourite and for losing handicaps. In that case, it is better to bet on the favourite to win in the first half and at the end of the match.

Exact number of goals

Here the bettor must guess how many goals both teams will score in the game. A bet on the exact number of goals is similar to the exact score.

Total goals

Total is one of the easiest and therefore most popular markets in football betting. In the case of the regular total, the player is asked to guess if the teams will score more or less goals than the suggested value.

We have covered the main types of football betting. There are many more betting options, such as betting on statistics or on the best goalkeeper. More on betting at Bookmaker Ratings!


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