How do I start a business in Dubai?

start a business

start a business

Dubai is a major commercial and commercial hub that is attracting global investors to locate in the region. The city offers numerous advantages for entrepreneurs. Dubai is a free zone city. Business in Dubai is mainly powered by the region’s free trade zones.

In order to set up a company in Dubai, the investor must register a company in one of the two main business areas. general business ecosystem in the United Arab Emirates.

The Department of Economic Development (DED) is the governing body for the establishment of a continental company in Dubai. In addition, DED issues the business license for mainland companies in Dubai.

Foreign investors prefer UAE Free Zones because of the many profitable business setup packages.In addition, maintaining the cost of the low-company configuration is an important factor in choosing the free area in the EAU.

Obtain the Business License

Apply for a UAE Residence Visa and Bank Account for the Company

The Best Free Zones in Dubai to Start a Business

These are the best free zones in Dubai to start a business. In fact, these free zones offer the best of services along with world class business infrastructure.

Dubai Airport Free Zone

Dubai Airport Free Zone is the most prestigious free zone in the United Arab Emirates. In addition, the Free Zone is home to numerous multinational companies and startups. Zone opens up extensive business opportunities for investors

business incorporation zone offers investors a wide range of business configuration packages.In addition, the Free Zone consists of office space from the Flexi desk to fully customized offices and warehouses.

The free trade area offers more than 3000 commercial activities for investors. In addition, DAFZA offers first-class business amenities and business infrastructure for investors. Installation packages make it a preferred choice among global entrepreneurs.

In addition, due to its strategic location near Dubai International Airport, DAFZA is a solid business center in the region. The good transport links to the rest of the MENA region also make it one of the most popular options for investors to start a company.

How do business consultants help start a business in Dubai?

The role of business consultants in starting a business in Dubai is undeniable. Investors during the incorporation process and beyond.

Given the availability of different business configuration packages, business activities, and office types for Free Zone, it is important to select the right business package at the lowest cost. Business incorporation zone supports investors in choosing the right free trade zone for their company and assists them with all administrative requirements.

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