Here is what you should do about Sisal carpets

Here is what you should do about Sisal carpets.

Sisal carpet is a long and coarse free fiber that is gained from the leaves of agave plants. These fibers are so stiff and strong compared to others.  These plants grow in hot climates, and it is not suitable for all types of crops they may damage. After considering all its major issues sisal is cultivated under soil except clay because of low tolerance and saline soil condition. These fibers are considered ideal for creating hard-wearing carpets. Mostly sisal plants are used for making carpets. They come to us from East Africa.

Performance of Sisal carpets

Sisal carpets are durable because of their heavy-duty and fine-quality fibers. These carpets are available in limited colors but are still popular among people of all classes. All its colors can easily run with all kinds of décor and these carpets have superb absorbing power. In short, we can say that they act like dehumidifiers. These carpets never need rough and tough maintenance, these can be easily cleaned by only vacuuming.


Let’s have a look at its disadvantages which we can’t ignore.

As we have discussed before sisal carpets have superb absorbing quality. Because they are made from natural fibers which do not have many attractive colors so they can be dirty soon and can’t be treated as stain resistant. So be very careful if you have pets and kids at your home. It can easily absorb water, oil, tea, or juice when it spills just like a sponge. It can be smelly if you ignore its deep maintenance.

Sisal carpets are expensive

As we all know that production of Jute is very high and it can be found in rich amounts, we can also easily get wool so wool and other carpets are less costly as compared to sisal carpets.

Durability of Sisal carpets

Sisal carpets are tough in making and can be easily used in all weather’s it’s fibers are hard can easily bear roughness and never spoil soon, these carpets look stylish either if it is placed in the living lounge or any room and their durability is long term based and can be good decision for you if you are going to use these carpets for heavy traffic areas.

Other uses of Sisal carpet

We have often seen sisal carpets in lounges or rooms but here we let you know that these carpets can give awesome results when placed on stairs because their tough fibers are responsible for friction for grip. These carpets provide you with safety from falling or spilling. These carpets also have contrast Borders for stairs and can easily transform new and trendy carpets for homes which you can’t ignore. People can easily customize these carpets according to their desired length and width of up to 4m. And you can easily choose its unique and trendy designs for your lounge, room, or stairs.

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