(Emerging In A New Direction. Pyjamas-The Trendsetter)


A favourite wardrobe for almost all occasions, even the for the weekend parties has pushed this simple piece of cloth into a brand new line- the pyjamas- the ultimate solution to parties, educational institutions or sleeping time. The obsession is taking a turn into a new dimension. And even considering it as a theme for a party has definitely put it under the word “trend”. This emerging trend has become a mainstream comfort, and the generations are pushing boundaries to display it in a fashion language. Identically, pyjamas are in atrend of India is also not an exception, and why it should not be, you can match it with everything.

  1. Comfort Zone: Life is a harsh reality and adding to this is the level of discomfort regarding Pyjamas with its space and comfort, sets the bodily comfort, keeping the recurrent theme alive at the same time.
  • Hassle free draping pattern saves time and energy when in a hurry.
  • Pairing it with a simple piece of cloth can create the spark.

  1. Applaud from the younger generation: To set aside the taboo of proper dressing, and to add newness, this generation has widely accepted this idea of pyjamas in the Indian society.
  • For college going students, casual looks with no rules of compromising with the comforthave put forward pyjamas as a mark of selection.
  • And while the office zone calls for a more sophisticated look, a pyjama with a pair of kurtis will hold the formal looks, without the need of wasting time in managing the dress.
  1. Sleepwear: Pyjamas and sleepwear in India are bonded since its inception. The comfort is unmatched yet. Thankfully, The Indian sleepwear market is bringing out new ideas to face the challenges evoked everyday.
  • In India, there has never been a market for sleeping clothes until now. Thanks to the revolutionary pyjamas. The feeling of nothingness, when worn, a perfect for the skin and those tired legs.
  • Categorisingpyjamas as sleep-ins and the search for finest of fabrics brings it to a wide spectrum of experimentation.
  1. Bollywood drive: Thanks to our evergreen Bollywood stars, who constantly came up with vivid ranges of pairing complements to get the most out of pyjamas.
  • The phonetics of Bollywood drive us crazy and when something new, the trend ought to be set.
  • The everlasting search for comfy and design concurrently, gave that space to establish pyjamas a trend in India.

The pyjama inspired thoughts emerged as a trend in no time. Thanks to our casual approach to things. A simple dress is magnified, and its uniqueness is virtually visible to us.

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