Ballast Water Treatment System: How the System Works


Ballast Water Treatment System is a system designed to eliminate biological organisms like algae, bacteria, and zooplankton from ballast water. The number of manufacturers who specialize in ballast water treatment system is ever-growing.

Ships can carry ballast water that has several marine microbes, animals, and plants to various parts of the environment. Statistics show that the release of untreated ballast water can cause deleterious effects to the surroundings. Therefore, it is important to ensure that we treat ballast water for the betterment of the environment, especially of the marine life.

Deleterious Effects of the Untreated Ballast Water

Seawater plays an important role when it comes to adjusting the stability of ships. It also ensures that the ship draws water so as to enhance its stability especially when the cargo is unloaded. Additionally, ships also pump back water back to the ocean to minimize their weight when they are carrying heavy goods.

In ballast water treatment systems, ships pump water into and out of the ship via pumps linked to ballast tanks. When ships take water in a particular region, they will discharge the water to another place or region.

The oceanic ballast water usually contains several marine organisms. It has mussels, species of crabs, and many other organisms that can cause harmful effects to human and marine life.

In fact, some of the discharged substances can damage infrastructure and beaches. These substances can also cause damages worth 200 million US dollars in a year. In simple words, the introduction of harmful organisms and pathogens to new surroundings can cause negative effects to the surroundings.

Ballast Water Treatment Systems

Ballast water treatment systems play an important role during the treatment of the ballast water. They have been offering UV lamps to ensure that the entire treatment process becomes successful. These UV lamps are used during the process of radiating harmful organisms. Other treatment procedures include chlorination and filtration.

According to several studies, the UV radiation is effective when it comes to the treatment of a wide range of small organisms. Most importantly, it requires minimal maintenance and does not leave harmful residue chemicals in the environment.

The LightSources has joined hands with the largest providers of ballast water treatment systems for ships in the world. It offers quality facilities for the process of new ship construction. This company also provides the necessary help in the process of ship alteration to ensure it becomes compliant.

Final Thoughts

The ballast water treatment system is actually one of the best techniques for treating the water discharged by a ship. The good thing about this technique is that it does not produce harmful substances to the environment, unlike any other methods that cause more harm than good.

This is one of the reasons why it is always recommendable to use ballast water treatment system.  Furthermore, before using a ballast water treatment system, make sure that you choose one that will not cause harmful effects to the environment.

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