American Cars are Making a Comeback


Although cars were not invented by Americans, we owe the first mass-production of cars to Henry Ford who started his Ford motor company in 1908, when he had the beautiful, sleek model T’s (also known as the Tin Lizzie) produced in an assembly line factory, one of the first of its kind for any industry. American cars after that dominated the market, changing everything from urban planning, national growth, world economies, and leisurely activities. American cars led the way toward progress and (some could argue) a higher form of civilization.

So what happened to American cars? Well, for a long time, many great American cars were popular on U.S. soil and abroad. Companies like Cadillac, General Motors, Ford, Lincoln, Studebaker, Oldsmobile, and Dodge became well-known for their excellent workmanship and grand style. Now, Japan and Germany make more cars than the U.S. does. They make the cars for less money, and sometimes better quality. Japanese cars entered the American market in the 60s and 70s. By offering their cars for less than the American counterparts, they were able to dominate the American automobile market. The great government bailouts of the 90s did not help the auto industry either.

However, the decline of the American automobile industry is on the point of a great car revolution, once again. The Tesla company, run by visionary and entrepreneur Elon Musk, is creating waves with his all electric, zero-emission cars. Electric charging stations and parking spots are showing up everywhere from libraries to restaurants to parking lots. However, for the longest time, the price of owning a Tesla was out of reach for the average driver. The Teslas were in the $100,000 range, making them a luxury accessory, rather than an essential household item. Now with the advent of the Model 3, with a price of around $35,000, the Teslas can finally enter the mainstream market.

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However, Tesla is not the only company making electric cars now. Tons of American car makers are also making them, and many at a very affordable price. The 2017 Chevrolet Bolt has a range of 200 miles, similar to Tesla’s Model 3. Indiana Ford dealerships are offering the Ford Focus EV this year, Ford’s all-electric car. It has an MSRP of $29,150, making it very affordable for the average consumer. Ford has also said that it plans to roll out 13 more new electric cars by 2020. One area where electric cars have not touched consumers is the practical consumer – the driver who needs a larger automobile for family trips or hauling large items. So far, the electrical cars have been mainly either for a small amount of passengers, have not had a lot amount of cargo space, or do not have strong hauling capacities. When this happens, I think the world can once again appreciate the genius of the American auto maker. If you are interested in keeping up with the latest on Ford’s journey to making their Car Parts and Spares all-electric, stop by local Indiana Ford dealerships to see what the future has in store. Visit Car site to get car on rent or Used Car


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