Accounting: Types And Qualities Of An Accountant


Keeping business accounts up to date is one of the great obsessions of every entrepreneur. This task requires qualified people in the accounting area. In this way, the figure of the accountant is considered essential to efficiently manage and distribute the economic resources of a business, as well as to carry out financial analyzes that help the company to grow.

In short, accounting is the technique that studies the economic and financial reality of companies or organizations. Given its importance, today we want to give you basic accounting advice to expand your accounting training.

Without accounting, companies would have no basis for making long-term decisions. There are several types of accounting. These are the four most used:

  1. Administrative: are internal reports that serve to judge and evaluate the development of the entity concerning the objectives set by the management.
  2. Financial: used to know the gains or losses and provides information on the situation of the company. It focuses on preparing financial statements to third parties such as investors or public bodies.
  3. Fiscal: is related to taxes. Financial documents and reports are prepared according to the fiscal criteria of each country.
  4. Management: Monitors historical financial data as well as the current economy and, with these numbers, makes futures predictions.

What Qualities Should A Good Accountant Have?

A good accountant must manage the accounting plan, know how to interpret the balance sheets, and offer a real image of the assets and results of a company. It is also very important to be constantly updated regarding accounting regulations and tax.

Accounting work is essential for a company to obtain information about its activity and that is where the best startup accountants comes in. In addition, it is key to be organized and persevering, keep accounting up to date and have good communication with the rest of the departments.

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