4 Reasons Why Granite Headstones are Better 


The history of headstones goes back thousands of years. They are used for both cremation and burial. If you explore the history of headstones, you will unearth the secrets and meaning of several cultures and religions. Memorials are associated with burial in Jewish and Christian religions and several other religions. Some may prefer a traditional memorial for their loved ones who are no longer with them. Others may choose to make a custom memorial. You can find various providers of custom memorials in Paramus, NJ. Nowadays, custom-made memorials are pretty common.

The demand for headstones and custom memorials is high in Paramus as 49.6% of the population is Catholic, and 4.3% is Jewish. With 65.1% of the population being religious, most of them need the headstones to commemorate their loved ones.

This article will help you learn why granite headstones are the best choice you have right now. Granites are great for building monuments and headstones, so people prefer granite headstones. It’s not different in Paramus, New Jersey as well.

There are four main reasons why people prefer granite headstones:

Longevity and Durability

The qualities of granite that instantly make it the first preference for headstones are its durability and longevity. Headstones are supposed to be kept in an open area and endure the harsh weather for numerous years. If the headstone material is vulnerable to rust, heat, water, or any other environmental elements, it will be destroyed in a few years. Hence, it’s necessary to use long-lasting materials like granite.


As mentioned earlier, headstones are supposed to stay intact and beautiful for years, with minimal maintenance. If the material used in the construction of the headstone cannot withstand the harsh climate, the maintenance will cost more. However, granite survives every kind of weather and requires minimal maintenance.

Granite is one of the few materials that require less maintenance and looks brand new for years. If you observe the cemetery, you can see the only headstones that look new or have no pale or shady look are the headstones made of granite.


Granite is customizable and can be carved according to your wish. You can also make markings and write particular messages on granite, which will not fade away. You can see that several companies make custom memorials in Paramus, NJ. But why?

Paramus may have just 49.6% Christians, but in New Jersey, Christians make up 67% of the population. Most of the religious population resides in the North and South of the state. 14% are non-Christians, but most of them practice burial procedures similar to Christians. Thus, you will find more demand for headstones in these regions.

You can inscribe text and images on granite that can be perfectly drawn or laser printed. If you need to add a personal touch to the headstone and make it unique, granite is the material you need.


Headstones are the last inscriptions of people who have left this world and were dear to you. Installing any headstone is not enough; the place you will visit, and probably your whole family will visit several times, must look beautiful.

Moreover, having a unique and beautiful headstone is necessary because this is what you will be looking at when you remember that person. Granite makes the headstone look elegant and aesthetically appealing.


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